Trying to Redeem Myself

The view from here. #Edmonton

So every January I head over to Edmonton for an annual trade show and in general it’s a non-event.

Well, I mean it’s an event but nothing of note ever really happens. Except things for work like, oh we should bring less books next time and stuff.

So what I will note is every time I go to Edmonton I think about the time I went and it was totally boring. Like, Edmonton is boring.

And I feel bad for feeling that way, and I want to make it right. And every time I go to Edmonton I hope to somehow make it right.

But…I never come up with much.

That’s wrong isn’t it, there has to be something fun to do in Edmonton.

Perhaps it would help if I didn’t continue to show up in January where my face gets so wind burnt from -43 windchill I can’t focus on anything else except how much my cheeks hurt.

Oh, and do something besides trade shows.