Weiser SmartCode Locks Me Up [Review]

A month or so ago a media release came through my email telling me all about the excellent Weiser SmartCode deadbolt and why I should tell everyone about it.

I didn’t do anything for a while but I kept coming back to the email—I couldn’t resist! It was so cool! I inquired!

I was pleasantly surprised when said deadbolt arrived at my doorstep. And then just the other day my wonderful husband figured out how to install it so we could try it out and change our lives.

Well, after asking Strata if we were allowed to use a lock that wasn’t brass. (They didn’t care.)

Everything about this lock is straightforward. When you leave you press the lock button and you use a four (to eight) digit code to unlock it. Handy!

Just last week there were two instances where people needed to get into my place and I wasn’t home. And it all worked out! It’s easy to change the code so you can fully control who has access to your home.

Here’s the cheesy promo video. I like the music. Groovy.

There are all sorts of safety measures in this technology, which are important to me as I live in a busy condo full of strangers.

First of all, you can re-key the lock easily (by yourself, without taking the lock off) but only with the original key so no one else could do it. Also the lock has bump something or other technology so it’s difficult to pick. Nice one!

As well there’s back lighting and it beeps at you if you do the code wrong three times in a row. So, no pressure but everyone’s going to know if you’re trying to get in and don’t have permission.

All-in-all I’m very pleased with this product and feel extra safe in my condo. Oh, except my friend pointed out if she were casing the joint (her words) she would go for my place because I’d taken the extra effort with the security.

“I would assume you had the best stuff.” (Her words.) Trust me, I don’t.

Her words gave me pause but I’m not dissuaded. If you want to check it out for yourself here’s the SmartCode FAQ and product description. On this site you can also figure out which product will work best for your needs, where to purchase SmartCodes, and actually a lot of other useful information.

I looked in a couple local stores and this pretty number will run you between $150 and $200 so choose wiser…er wisely.