What Are YOU Doing on My Birthday?

Today is my birthday.

Yes, it’s true. It happens at this time every year. Just far enough from Christmas to avoid the “dual gifts,” and still far enough away from tax season that people feel, you know, slightly generous.

Well, not really, but it should be that way.

And actually I’ve been paid a generous amount of attention this year for my birthday, for which I am surprised and grateful.

Anyway, I don’t have any big or small feelings about my birthday, but I figure since I’m posting on this day I should at least acknowledge it.

So that’s done.

Here are the other things happening this day.

  1. We have a lot of snow. Well, for where I live. A few centimetres, which causes havoc ’round these parts. And I’m OK driving in it, but lots of things have been cancelled as a result. Maybe my birthday dinner, who knows. I’m OK with that.
  2. I’ve, for some reason (am a glutton for punishment?), taken on a new 30 Day Challenge having a little to do with Jillian Michaels, a little more to do with a very challenging workout DVD, and a lot to do with my incomprehensible fear of said DVD. Sarah has challenged anyone who wishes to join the group and take on the challenge. So yeah. Today is Day 3. Oh my triceps!
  3. There’s this phrase in my head, and I’m starting to put it into practice with vigour. It’s from from leadership guru slash book publisher extraordinaire Michael Hyatt who says simply: Do it now. If you can do it in two minutes or less, do it now. Don’t put it off. Apparently this is someone else’s rule, and I’m sure that guy got it from someone else but the idea is sticking with me and…well it’s a lot easier to put something off than to do it now. But I see real value in this attitude/practice.
  4. OK why didn’t anyone tell me about Words With Friends before a couple weeks ago? Waaaay too much of my time has been spent on this app (although, if anyone has known me for a while, this shouldn’t come as a surprise). It takes a lot of strength not to cheat when I’m getting spanked by someone who’s awesome at Scrabble. But I don’t. Honest!
  5. Oh, and please check out my latest contribution to the Used Everywhere blog…wherein I discover TRIVETS! Don’t worry, I didn’t know what they were either. But actually you know. You just don’t know the name.

Hey…”trivets” is a pretty good Scrabble word.