What Didn’t Happen This Weekend

Let’s talk about what didn’t happen this weekend and why.

Well, it started with a drip, drip, drip from a light fixture in the kitchen.

The next day it moved into the hall. I didn’t spy it before work that morning and H kept things under wraps until he could no longer.

What a horrible stain!

Then it went down the wall where the amazing latex paint managed to collect the water and keep it from going into the floor. So they (whoever, I wouldn’t know, I was at work.) popped the paint and drained it into a bucket (probably).

And then…

A day or two later I came home to this.

And now it has been, oh, a week and nothing has changed.

I guess everyone who works on condos had Thanksgiving weekend off.

Let’s hope this weekend is a bit more productive! Also, I’m thankful I wasn’t hosting dinner this holiday. Yikes.