What’s the Difference between Bubble Bath and Dish Soap?

What's the difference between bubble bath and dish soap

For a couple weeks I’ve been trying to figure out just what’s the difference between bubble bath and dish soap.

I can’t figure it out!

So I looked at the ingredients in what I have lying around the house…lots of ingredients, but not many I know of.

Well, I did recognize a few of the ingredients. Since I can make my own bubble bath now.

Anyway, the more I search the more questions I end up with—OK so I can’t figure out the main difference between dish soap and bubble bath…but what about laundry detergent? And shampoo? And body wash!? They all lather so…what’s the deal?

And then another hitch.

I had a conversation with @pinkwhiskers who says she always uses dish soap for bubble bath.

Up until then I had simply thought even though I didn’t know the differences between all these products, that there must be. But then I heard to my face (well, sort of) that this may not be the case.

And then I couldn’t find any evidence to the contrary.

And then I look at the ingredients in my dish soap and there are, like, 80 less ingredients in it than my bubble bath.

And then…I found…a renewed vision.

In my search for the differences between these products I came across a website, which may in fact change my life.

Too much?

OK. Well, I came upon an article about ditching shampoo forever (!) and it rekindled a well-stored ideal I’ve carried with me for some time.

Yes I hate baths. But I’m also not so keen on showers. And don’t even get me started on shampoo.

I know this doesn’t make me out to be very clean but don’t worry, I still shower and wash my hair. I just have feelings about it.

Anyway, I tried to quit using shampoo nearly a decade ago and lasted probably two months (start of the semester until Canadian Thanksgiving). The not washing my hair went just fine, it’s just when I tried to brush it (finally) and some hair went in front of my nose…well let’s just say it didn’t take a second whiff to jump in the shower and wash my hair. Twice.

But now!

Well, we’ll see.