175 Best Multifunction Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes

I am super busy but also want to eat healthy. So you can understand why 175 Best Multifunction Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes caught my eye. Game changer.

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175 Best Multifunction Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes

Even though I have, like, two hours between getting home and going to bed on weeknights, I’m still trying to cook well-balanced meals. My issue? I’m not a fast cook! So you can see why I’m interested in the idea of pressure cooking, and why 175 Best Multifunction Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes caught my eye. I LOVE my slow cooker but the everyone’s into the Instant Pot now. What on earth is that!?

OK, so I learned it’s a pressure cooker. And you already knew that. But here’s the thing. Everyone’s saying it has changed their lives. That’s bold. And I want in on that.

Except for one thing…

I’m afraid of pressure cookers

Did you hear me? I’m afraid of pressure cookers.

They’re intimidating!

But…well everyone else says they’ll change my life, so I thought I had better at least give it a try.

Reading through 175 Best Multifunction Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes helped calm my pressure-cooker concerns. Author Marilyn Haugen spends the first 15 or so pages going over pressure cooker basics, walking newbies like me through best practices, what to expect, and the different types of cooking you can do in your pressure cooker. Hmm…it does seem quite liberating…keep reading….

The recipes are divided into obvious sections: breakfasts, soups, stews and chilis, main courses, side dishes, paleo dishes, vegetarian and vegan dishes, desserts, and stocks and sauces. Each recipe has between two and seven simple steps and offer tips and alterations on the recipe page. After reading through a few I felt ready to attempt my first pressure cooker recipe.

I grabbed my inherited 1970s pressure cooker from the pots and pans cupboard, set out my ingredients, and placed my 175 Best Multifunction Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes book on the counter for reference. And then…I panicked.

What if this pressure cooker’s too old and it explodes!?

I decided to watch a few YouTube videos before starting. Watching other people use the same pressure cooker would help my confidence right?

Well I’m happy to report it worked. Wow, there’s nothing to it. This was going to be SO easy. And then I remembered what the book said and got downright excited to get cooking.

“It’s perfect for busy people who want to get a nutritious meal on the table with little effort and minimal cleanup.”

OK, I’m convinced. Pressure cooking is for me!

For my first recipe I thought I’d start simple: Easy Weekday Creamy Steel-Cut Oatmeal. Yum. Something I eat already and can make in FIVE MINUTES. Wow. This is life-changing stuff. So I set to work, and it went AWESOME! I thought the steam from the pressure cooking was going to be crazy but it wasn’t and it also wasn’t scary. I just followed the directions.

Except for one thing.

At some point I must have flipped the recipe page, I don’t know, maybe I was flipping through looking for what I would make next or something, because I noticed I was no longer making Easy Weekday Creamy Steel-Cut Oatmeal but was instead attempting Steel-Cut Oats and Farro with Dates and Coconut. Whoops. Comparing the two recipes I realized I didn’t mess anything up, I just took it all to the next level. Jumped straight to Intermediate.

What a wonderful accident. Tasty too.

Next up? Country Sausage Scotch Eggs.


175 Best Multifunction Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes Synopsis

Delicious meals in a fraction of the time that stovetop or roasting methods take.

With their many function features (some have as many as 7), electric pressure cookers help make delicious and healthy foods that are not only easy and quick to prepare, but use much less energy. Clean up is minimal, too.

Bestselling small appliance cookbook author Marilyn Haugen uses her expertise to create rewarding recipes for this ingenious small appliance. There are recipes for every meal of the day. In a hurry? Done. Low and slow? Got it. The perfect stew or roast? No problem. Entertaining? How about Coq au Vin with Creamy Mashed Potatoes?

Haugen has created super time-friendly recipes for those frantic mornings like Sausage, Hash Browns and Pepper Casserole or Quinoa, Millet and Almond Bowls. And even on the busiest of work weeks, Beef Barbacoa Tacos with Chiles can be on the table in no time flat. Butternut Squash, Quinoa and Pomegranate Casserole made the night before can just be reheated.

These inviting recipes are sure to become family favorites that will be requested time and time again. The home chef can impress family and friends with the wide variety of satisfying dishes effortlessly created in an electric pressure cooker.

I am super busy but also want to eat healthy. So you can understand why 175 Best Multifunction Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes caught my eye. Game changer.

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Intrepid Pumpkining

This year for Thanksgiving I felt intrepid in the pumpkin department. In the baking sense of the term.

Intrepid Pumpkining

I attempted nearly-from-scratch pumpkin pie—a definite first

Deciding to forego the crust I opted for store-bought but the actual filling I went for it and pureed a pumpkin from my mom’s garden.

It took forever.

To keep me accountable I told both sides of the family I would be bringing pie with me to Thanksgiving dinner…but when it came to actual baking time I was having second thoughts. I clearly recall threatening more than five times to bring store-bought pumpkin pies to the gatherings, not even bothering to hide the fact.

Yes, I was desperate.

But, well, my husband baked the pumpkin for me while I was at work and so I couldn’t very well give up before giving it a fair shot.

As per usual I didn’t know what I was doing so I looked up a few recipes and chose one based on two factors:

  1. It called for ingredients I already had
  2. It had less than five instructions

Hey, I’m a picky pumpkin pie maker

A problem arose when I doubled the recipe to make two pies and wound up with enough filling for three pies. Because I only had two shells (and still wasn’t willing to make more). So I thought, hey why not muffins—pumpkin muffins.

They totally flopped.

But the pies were good!

Unfortunately I was so relieved when they finally cooked and, you know, looked like pumpkin pies I stopped there and never took a photo. But trust me, they tasted right. And stuff.

And since I was still feeling intrepid I also tried baking the seeds, which were awesome.

Who knew seasoning salt, margarine, and Worcestershire sauce could combine to create something so tasty.

This year for Thanksgiving I felt intrepid in the pumpkin department. In the baking sense of the term. Intrepid pumpkining if you will.

Other near misses

David Rocco Saved My Marriage

I got my hands on Made in Italy by David Rocco, which comes out in October. For the past two weeks I’ve read through the cookbook and can’t believe how much I have learned. And how confident I feel!

David Rocco Review Header

Made in Italy by David Rocco

If you know anything about me it’s I love a challenge. So when the pitch to “take the Cascade and Dawn Challenge” came across my desk how could I refuse? Also…why wouldn’t I take up the challenge? It’s so simple.

The challenge

The instructions: Visit the Cascade and Dawn Facebook page and cook one of the recipes demonstrated by TV chef David Rocco, clean up with Dawn Power Lift and Cascade All-in-1 ActionPacs…and write about it.

A few of my favourite parts…

  • Learning about “quanto basta,” which means “use as much as you need/want.” How liberating!
  • The section intros are well-written and also interesting. They help you understand now only what to do, but why certain foods/ways of cooking are special. You feel a part of the club.
  • The recipes themselves are so easy to follow—and even if you don’t know how to cook Rocco says you can do it! The goal is not to perfect the recipe but to make it your own. To draw upon his recipes as inspiration for your own life.

The Recipe

Mostly based on what I already had on hand I opted to try a recipe called pasta con pomodorini (pasta with cherry tomatoes).

In the intro David Rocco explains this is a mid-summer dish but my deck tomatoes are only just ripening so I figured I was safe.

Also I’m sorry for the photo of my ingredients. No matter how hard I try I can’t make my poor basil happy.

Anyway, this is literally all you need to make a really delicious dish and it takes as long as the pasta needs to cook (also David Rocco explains how he likes to cook pasta—a revelation!).

The clean-up was pretty much no big deal. My husband pointed out there is so much olive oil in the recipes everything pretty much falls off the plates anyway.


But it also clears up an ongoing argument we’ve been having. I keep saying you don’t need to rinse (pre-wash in my opinion, silly!) dishes before they go into the dishwasher but he says you do. This was an excellent test of Cascade to prove once and for all, I am right about everything in life.

So, thank you David Rocco!

The challenge: cook one of the recipes demonstrated by TV chef David Rocco, clean up with Dawn Power Lift and Cascade All-in-1 ActionPacs and write about it

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VH Sauce, Shopping Misadventures and Kitchen Victories

I stumbled on a delicious-looking dish while searching for recipes on VH Sauce. Here’s the back story. If you’re anything like me (and I think you are), you look at your fridge and take a moment to sigh. Because everything is so BORING! It’s at this moment, which happens more than I care to admit, I go to the computer and start looking up recipes.

VH Sauce

Yellow Thai Curry with VH Sauce

So the recipe looked tasty. Unfortunately, I had to fetch the linchpin ingredient before I could start cooking so I took a quick trip over to Walmart (I’ve seen it spelled Wal-Mart too, is this a language progression? Just curious) as it was already getting late.

Before I left I made sure my store stocked the sauces and took a quick screenshot to remind myself of what I was getting. Because I tend to forget why I go places.

This is also why I generally make a list and check it twice before going to the store. But I was embarking on a marathon cooking session and was dangerously low on sugar…so I went outside of my regular routine and set off for adventure!

Finding the sauce was easy—the VH brand covers the aisle quite completely

My only real problem was I didn’t take note of the actual sauce or recipe I was shopping for so I was overwhelmed when looking at the sauce aisle. I finally came home with two: Sweet Thai Chili and Korma. Yum! Oh, and I remembered the sugar too.

How did this happen? Well I think it’s obvious. I didn’t make a list, I didn’t check it twice, and I didn’t remember I was going to get YELLOW CURRY SAUCE.

But I still needed dinner. So I made the original recipe with the sweet chili sauce and it turned out…AMAZING! So saucy, so spicy, so tasty.

I’ve added more photos from this shopping misadventure in my Google+ album so feel free to check it out/shower my cooking prowess with compliments. You can also see what else I accomplished in my midnight cooking marathon.

Oh, and my original photo for this post was kind of boring so I baked up some kale chips (first time attempting—easy and tasty!) for garnish. Highly recommended.

Finding VH sauce at the store was easy. My problem was I didn't note the sauce I was shopping for. I came home with two: Sweet Thai Chili and Korma. Yum!

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First-Timer’s Steak Marinade Recipe

I’m not much of a meat-cooker and yet I’ve learned the importance of a good steak marinade recipe. You just need one, OK?

Steak Marinade Recipe

Here’s why I need a steak marinade recipe

Awhile back I shared about my meat ignorance. Here’s an excerpt.

My first problem was I have never bought pot roast before, so when I was at the grocery store I found myself simply staring at the different meats unsure of what the differences were between them all.

For some reason, meat intimidates me.

But my husband and I are at the point where we don’t enjoy meat so much we’re discussing trying to go vegetarian, at least for the most part. In a healthy way. Of course this isn’t a decision we can make lightly if we want to be healthy about it.

So before taking the leap, we’re doing some research. And part of that research needs to include learning more about meat. Because, I suspect, if we learn to recognize a good cut of meat versus a bad/cheap cut of meat, and how to prepare it properly, we will enjoy it much, much more.

Here’s some more history

Last year my brother hosted a fondue party for New Year’s. And my job was to bring marinaded meat.

I looked up a recipe online and hoped for the best. And you know, it worked out pretty well! But I had no idea what I was doing, at all.

The ingredients from that marinade are still kicking around my kitchen (taking up space) and since the whole “meat” thing has been on my mind I thought it would be a good opportunity to learn more about marinade, and, as a side-effect, meat.

What is marinade for anyway?

Here we go. The purpose of marinade is to tenderize the meat. Totally didn’t know that. Therefore, tough cuts of meat benefit the most from marinades as it loosens them up and gives them flavour.

But really, marinade can be used anytime to liven up a piece of meat.

So really what I figured out, is you have to know what you want your meat to taste like and then you can mix up your marinade.

My grocery trip had me looking at some different beef cuts and I saw some nice sirloin steaks on special. I knew it was a pretty good price for sirloin and I knew my husband would be encouraged to barbeque once he saw them so I picked up a couple and started researching marinade recipes.

I didn’t want to purchase any new ingredients, since my fridge is kind of packed with random bottles of this or that thanks to my many unfortunate cooking experiments.

Due to this decision I had to combine recipes to come up with one marinade and boy oh boy was the marinade excellent.

It turned out pretty well! Here’s more or less what I did.

First-Timer’s Steak Marinade Recipe


  • 1/2 cup soy sauce
  • 1/2 cup barbeque sauce
  • 2 tablespoons brown sugar
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon minced onion
  • 2 tablespoons minced garlic (cloves if they’re handy)
  • 5 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 tablespoon mustard
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons dried parsley flakes
  • 1/4 teaspoons hot sauce


In medium bowl whisk ingredients until sugar is dissolved. Submerge meat completely in marinade and refrigerate for at least six hours, turning occasionally.


(Or, if all else fails, get some Jack Daniel’s Marinade In-A-Bag and call it a day.)

I'm not much of a meat-cooker and yet I've learned the importance of a good steak marinade recipe. I combined recipes and the marinade was excellent.

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