Water Bottle Trends

Water Bottle Trends

Water bottle trends

Earlier this spring, my husband came home with a new water bottle for me. I thought it a bit strange, considering we have literally a cupboard filled with reusable plastic and metal water bottles. But he was swept up in water bottle trends!

“This one is insulated, it keeps your water cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours.”

Whoa. Listening…

“And it’s vacuum-sealed.”

Did any of our other bottles do that? Well, I have no idea. Do I need something cold or hot hours and hours? Now I do!

He picked up the Manna Vogue Insulated Bottles at Canadian Tire. I liked the colour (he chose a shiny teal for me) and the size (it could fit in my purse AND I didn’t have to worry about it leaking/sweating) so was happy to try it out.

And, I like it!

There isn’t too much I can say—it keeps my cold water cold, it is trustworthy (hasn’t leaked even a drop), and it’s simple. The only negative I can think of is it doesn’t hold as much water as I’d like so I have to refill it several times per day. Upside is it forces me to get up from my desk and walk around. So I guess it’s not really a negative.

Once I adapted to my new water bottle I started noticing them everywhere. Everyone has one (and yet I had never heard of nor noticed them before this) and everyone’s selling some version of it. S’well, KINGSO, MIRA, etc.

They’re everywhere.

And that’s not just an anecdote. Forbes says so too. But even more interesting is Sarah Kauss (S’well Bottle founder and bottle designer) said she set out to bring chic, reusable water bottles to the masses and could keep up with a busy schedule and satisfy personal style.

And then I think, hmm, yes. I like the look of this bottle and I think it does fit into my busy life. It also fits into my car’s cup holder and keeps my water cold when I leave it out in the garden all day. Etc.

So. Water bottle trends. Did you know it was a thing? Now you do!

Water Bottle Features

  • Non-toxic, non-leaching, BPA free
  • Made of 18/8 double-walled stainless steel
  • Vacuum sealed, keeps drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours
  • Hand-wash only

Oh, I heard there’s also a Target variety called S’ip. So that’s fun.

Earlier this spring, my husband came home with a new water bottle for me. I thought it a bit strange, considering we have <em>literally</em> a cupboard filled with reusable plastic and metal water bottles. But he was swept up in water bottle trends!

Driving a Rolls-Royce Wraith [Review]

Rolls-Royce Wraith test drive

Not in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I would have the opportunity to drive a Rolls-Royce Wraith. Or be near one.

And yet, now I have photo proof.

As part of the North American launch the lovely and generous team from Rolls-Royce flew me to Phoenix, AZ for a test drive.

Pause for effect

Wraith launch in Phoenix

As this was my first press-junket I wasn’t sure how to act. So I decided to play it safe and act cool. You know, be myself. Except for the parts of myself that are afraid to drive my husband’s sports car in fear of breaking it. Must. Be. Cool.

However, my coolness evaporated when my greeter said “Hi Robyn!” My eyes widened as I exclaimed “You’re amazing!” My greeter led me outside where a Rolls-Royce Phantom (with extended wheelbase of course) waited. For me.

Still pretending I was playing cool I resisted the urge to pull my camera out. So you understand how grateful I was when a fellow member of the press asked the greeter to take a couple shots of us with the car.

Rolls-Royce Phantom

Still trying to be cool I took sneaky shots of my airport ride.

The event was held at The Canyon Suites at the Phonecian Resort. Everything about my day was luxurious. Well except for lunch when the person in front of me spilled ALL the beans and I was caught in the crossfire. Oh, and after when a lady helped me get the beans off my backside with napkins and club soda. But that was more about me not being fancy. Or cool.

Man, that’s a sexy car

Coming into this experience I held the same misconceptions about the Rolls empire as the next uneducated non-rich guy.

My Misconceptions

  • Rolls-Royce motorcars aren’t meant to be driven—only driven around in. Not true. While some models are intended to be chauffeured the Wraith is a two-door four-seater, with a V12 engine allowing 0-100 kph in five seconds
  • It’s an old-fashioned brand. Well, it’s an old brand but the car certainly didn’t look old fashioned to me. The Wraith is downright sexy
  • Rolls-Royce motorcars are only for the really, really, ridiculously good looking super rich…mmm actually that one’s true. This is not a car you save up for. It’s more of a reward you give yourself…for being you. Sure there’s a price attached to the car and each bespoke customization and unique feature adds to that price, but it doesn’t really come up
  • The brand is only for old people. Nope, it’s for rich people

Rolls-Royce Wraith

But let’s talk about the drive

I was seated in the Wraith with another journalist and we were given detailed instructions on our 70 mile driving route. We were to follow the built-in GPS (whose voice was Englishy and polite and calming) through the city and into the mountains where we would stop halfway to switch drivers, have a snack, and take photographs.

Seemed straightforward enough. We were also handed a paper map, should anything go wrong, and a cell phone with one number in it. Should anything go wrong.

Setting off with great enthusiasm we tested features, pressed interesting-looking buttons, and followed the directions until…

“Hey, the GPS isn’t saying the same directions as the paper map&#8230”

“And where are the mountains?”

Oh crap we got lost.

The main tipoff was when the GPS told us we had reached our halfway point. And we were on the freeway. With nothing anywhere, just desert. Since I was being cool I didn’t panic. And since my driving buddy didn’t seem bothered it gave me even more confidence. So we pulled over in an empty lot, switched drivers, and drove back the way we came.

Did we see the mountains or the photo spots? No. Did we drive those famous winding Arizona roads? Nah, we were in city traffic the whole time. But did we DRIVE A ROLLS-ROYCE? Heck yes! And it was AWESOME!

The car is beautiful to look at, comfortable to sit in, and exciting to drive. The car is big but not too big. It’s powerful but you never feel out of control. And it is so smoooooooth.

Rolls-Royce Wraith Launch Vancouver BC

Unveiling of the Rolls-Royce Wraith in Vancouver BC, August 2013

I fear I may be ruined for regular cars for the rest of my life. The other day I happened upon my plain-old regular car with a flat tire and my first instinct was to walk away. Until I remembered I didn’t have a chauffeured Phantom waiting for me around the corner.