Creative Collaborations by Kirsten Oliphant [book review]

I’ve heard “colab” so often I didn’t question it when I saw Kirsten Oliphant’s new book Creative Collaborations. I just said, “collaborations, yes please.”

Creative Collaborations

Creative Collaborations: How to Form Lasting and Lucrative Partnerships without Being Smarmy

But now I have questions. As I read through Oliphant’s creative collaborations suggestions (for example affiliate partnerships, Twitter chats, and in-person events) I began wondering what on earth a collaboration is. What do I think it is?

Maybe I don’t know. I see the word everywhere on social media. Influencers work it into their Instagram bios. (“DM me for collabs” or “Collaborations? Email me.”) It makes me want to collab too. But now I wonder…what does collab mean? And what are creative collaborations?

The Internet says collaboration is the action of working with someone to produce or create something. OK, that makes sense. And Oliphant says it’s like roller derby. I had to think about this for a bit because I don’t know anything about roller derby but I think I get it: you stop being a lone wolf and instead become a teammate. You work with others to achieve a common goal.

That sounds nice in theory, but isn’t setting up creative collaborations with your competitors risky?

Yes, it could be. Oliphant says the secret to successful collaboration is trust.

“Your team is only ever as good as the trust you have for one another. Rogue players, even great players, playing singularly hurt the team as a whole. They don’t just break apart strong defensive walls; they break trust.”

The risks:

You could get burned, you could have your work stolen, you could be let down. All of this could happen when you work with others.

However, there are also potential benefits:

You could grow strategic partnerships that bring you further than you could go on your own, you could make new friends, you could join a tribe where you feel encouraged, strengthened, and inspired to keep moving forward.

So now you must decide, are creative collaborations worth the risk? Are you willing to work with others towards common goals to be the rising tides, lifting all boats?

Throughout Creative Collaborations, Oliphant overviews different types of collaborations, builds an argument for why we need creative collaborations, teaches the difference between good and bad collaborations, cautions about legal implications when collaborating, and gives tips for creating life-changing collaborations. If you’re wondering how collaborations can change your business (and maybe your life), you will love this book.

Creative Collaborations: How to Form Lasting and Lucrative Partnerships without Being Smarmy synopsis

Is your career as a creative solopreneur going nowhere fast? Harness the power of collaboration to supercharge your audience and income.

Has fear of rejection kept you from reaching out to influencers? Are you worried about making a bad first impression? Author, blogger, and podcaster Kirsten Oliphant has landed career-changing speaking gigs and industry leading guests with her simple outreach methods. And now she’s here to help you do the same.

Creative Collaborations: How to Form Lasting and Lucrative Partnerships without Being Smarmy is a game-changing resource for finding potential collaborators. With Kirsten’s guidance, you’ll explore the many advantages of collaboration and the common pitfalls to avoid. Inside, you’ll learn how to craft the perfect pitch and maintain long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships.

In Creative Collaborations, you’ll discover:

  • Why you need to start collaborating and which kinds of partnerships you can start pursuing right away
  • Which commonly taught outreach methods will only waste your time and what you should focus on instead
  • The framework for an attention-grabbing pitch that will get you results
  • Insights and best practices from successful authors and social media experts
  • How to protect yourself from collaborations gone awry, and much, much more!

The book also comes with a free companion course that contains videos, resources, and other guides to help you take the next step in your collaborative solopreneurial career. Creative Collaborations is your step-by-step guidebook for expanding your network the right way. If you like expert advice, extra motivation, and practical actions you can take immediately, then you’ll love Kirsten Oliphant’s inspirational resource.

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I've heard "colab" so often I didn't question it when I saw Kirsten Oliphant's new book Creative Collaborations. I just said, "collaborations, yes please."

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