Five Words To Sum Up College Radio: Dead Air Um Dead Air

My husband and I decided to check out a public/community/college radio station podcast a few nights back because it promised a review of some B-movie called The Human Centipede. How could you resist, right?

College Radio

By the way, this post about college radio was inspired by Homestar Runner’s Strong Bad

Strong Bad Email #120—Radio for future reference

Anyway, back to the college radio story

Seeking out a review on The Human Centipede may seem like an obscure movie review podcast to run across. And yes, it was. But the show, We Came from the Basement, is hosted by someone I know from the radio station I used to have my very own show on. So it’s not completely random.

I hadn’t listened to this show before and it was so everything college radio promises to be. Including “Whoops I played the wrong track there,” to “Oh I read page four in the script instead of page two.” Oh live radio. And also oh unedited podcasts.

By the way, I still work in radio, as you may or may not know, but wayyyyy behind the scenes.

I’m thankful for all my awkward public radio and college radio experience, what a great way to learn from the ground up. It also makes me thankful to be producing syndicated programming now…oh the horrors of live radio!

Anyway, ever since the podcast I’ve been reliving my radio show days. It’s funny how one small thing can bring it all tumbling back. Even though you thought all the memories were long gone.

And as for The Human Centipede, well let’s just say in true teaser fashion we had to listen (OK I’ll admit it, we fast-forwarded much of the scripted drivel) till the VERY end only to learn it was, as we expected, a horrible movie, which we now MUST watch.

Thank you college-public hybrid radio. No really, thank you.

I'm thankful for my awkward public slash college radio experience. I'm also thankful to be producing syndicated programming. Oh the horrors of live radio!

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