DIY Pillowcases (and pillow) for $5

I set out to make some DIY pillowcases to match my amazing damask wallpaper and, somehow, it all came together.

DIY Custom Pillowcases

Because I’m so in love with my damask wallpaper, I decided I needed to create pillowcases to bring even more attention to it! Bring the gold-and-teal to my living room!

DIY Pillowcases explained. Sort of

However, I’m on a budget. So I kept my eyes open. And I was rewarded. First, there was a sale on pillows at LW, $3 each. And then one day when I was hanging around the clearance section of the fabric store, I found the perfect remnants!

Not only were the colours right, but the design was…perfect. So I picked them up without pause.

And now that my mom came over and threaded my sewing machine, I was able to figure out how to sew pillowcases. Ish. I looked through the Internet how-to’s and decided they were difficult so instead I took a good look at my remnants, measured them around the pillows, cut, and then sewed them together. (Although, this is a good pillowcases tutorial if you’d rather not wing it.)

The Internet told me to cut out two squares and then sew them together. However, why cut at all when you don’t have to? So I just had one large piece of fabric, then sewed two sides together (I don’t know what kind of seam it was but it’s hidden) leaving one open side.

Then I sewed about halfway across, stuffed the pillow inside and then hand stitched the remainder. I made two in total and have loads of fabric leftover (remnants of remnants?) for more projects.

I didn’t calculate the total cost for the pillows, but since I didn’t use all the fabric (which cost about $10 total), I’m going to say the pillow and pillowcase cost about $5 each.

And, once again, if I can do this, anyone can. I’m a terrible seamstress. Honestly. I should take a video.

Fun Pillowcase Finds on Etsy

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I set out to make some DIY pillowcases to match my amazing damask wallpaper and, somehow, it all came together. If I can do this, anyone can. Because I'm a terrible seamstress.

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