My Childhood Crush (Yes it’s Elvis Stojko)

Here’s Laura’s story about her childhood crush, Elvis Stojko.

My childhood crush

Yes my childhood crush is Elvis Stojko

When I was wee (ages 2-8 roughly) only one thing warranted the whole family sitting in front of the TV. Not only did it gather us there together (we had a strictly no-TV policy), but it gathered us at the kitchen table, during DINNER time, brought up from the dark basement and placed in a seat of honour on top of the bookshelf.

For some reason that still remains a mystery, the Olympics did not rate on the same level as anything else on television. My parents somehow got the idea that not only was it OK to watch, it should be turned on, in the kitchen, for the duration of the two-week competition.

This healthy (or not?) reverence for the games is probably what led to my fascination with figure skating. Being a figure skater was second on my list of “what I want to be when I grow up” (second to a ballerina) only because I actually hated skating. But more exciting than the sport itself was its “king.” Elvis Stojko.

My HERO, Elvis Stojko

I loved his hair, his outfits, his moves…did you know he was the first to try the triple axle? I still don’t know what makes a triple axle, but I sure know he did it BEST. He picked the best songs, always exciting and quick. Man I loved to watch that guy skate! Few have come close to the status he held in my mind. I am pretty sure I used to dream he was my big brother, and he’d take me skating and protect me from bullies. Yes…I had a crush.

I don’t remember when I stopped thinking about Elvis Stojko…probably about the time he stopped skating in the Olympics. For years I forgot I even had a thing for him. But a few things have never changed…I still skip snowboarding aerials to watch the pair skate. I still tense up when the pick of a skate hits the ice and they fly into the air, and I still cheer from deep inside when they land flawlessly. And we still eat family dinners gathered around the TV at the most wonderful time of every four years.

Thanks to Laura of Laura Vanderwel Design Studio for writing this post.

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My hero. Elvis Stojko. I loved his hair, his outfits, his moves. I used to dream he was my big brother and he'd take me skating and protect me from bullies.

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