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Have Skates Will Travel: The Canadian Moose is a travelling hockey club out of Newmarket, Ontario. As soon as I learned about the team I emailed a friend from Newmarket to confirm if this was a real team worth writing about.

Have Skates Will Travel: The Canadian Moose is a travelling hockey club out of Newmarket Ontario.

The Canadian Moose: Have Skates Will Travel

Turns out they check out. Not only is their name, literally, The Canadian Moose, but they’re a travelling hockey team. But it doesn’t end there. Not only was the team’s founder, Mark Sadgrove, drafted into the NHL for Montreal back when they made their run for the cup, but he was inducted into the hockey hall of fame a few years ago and has received letters from two different Prime Ministers! But not at the same time, obviously.

Of course, Mr. Sadgrove is quite humble and didn’t give me any of this information when we spoke a few weeks ago. No, another player for the Moose gave me the dirt. This is why we get multiple sources people!

But before we get into the dirt let’s talk about the team a bit, because it’s truly fascinating.

As we speak The Canadian Moose is recruiting for hockey players with Junior experience or higher to join them for a two-week New Zealand hockey holiday! I wish I played hockey!

The travelling team tours each year and has a passion to bring the sport of hockey to countries who treat this as a “minor” sport.

“Here’s an opportunity to give back and go to a country that’s underdeveloped in the sport and could use a handout,” said Sadgrove referring to past trips to Australia and New Zealand. “I get such a kick out of watching someone go to an ice rink for the first time. They’re in awe. They get on their hands and knees and touch the ice, can’t believe we can get on the ice and skate around—rugby’s their national sport. These huge guys with no necks watch us skating around crashing into the boards going ‘You alright mate? You’re mad!’”

To which Sadgrove replies “No you’re mad! You don’t wear padding!”

He said a lot of players don’t know how good they have it in Canada until they have a chance to travel to a country where hockey players lack ice time, coaching, and even equipment.

If you play hockey and think this would be something you’re interested in, check out The Canadian Moose online. There you will find an application form, photos from past tours, and more information.

You don’t have to be the best player on the team, but you do have to have the right attitude.

“Bottom line is it’s not about what we can do for you, it’s what you can do for The Canadian Moose and hockey down under. We are ambassadors for Canada and for the sport.”

Have Skates WIll Travel (Other Posts about skating)

Have Skates Will Travel: The Canadian Moose is a travelling hockey club out of Newmarket Ontario. And I confirmed this was a real team worth writing about.

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