Ice Wrangling (AKA Figure Skating!)

This isn’t so much a post about ice wrangling but more one about falling while skating. Perhaps that’s a type of ice wrangling.

Ice Wrangling

Ice wrangling by Moose Wrangler

Well hello there. It seems it is my turn to be your guest bloggist and whisk you away into the magical world of figure skating. But first let me introduce myself, I am Matthew ‘Moose Wrangler’ Ballard, photographer and film maker extraordinaire.

Well, now that my shameless self promotion is out of the way I’ll get on to the business at hand. Figure Skating…Figure skating figure skating figure skating figure skating…OK so perhaps I didn’t think this through. I don’t know anything about figure skating, what can I possibly write about?

Well, that’s not entirely true, I do know one thing, what I know about figure skating is this, I watch it for the falls.

Now before you jump to the inevitable conclusion that I’m a heartless tosser who likes watching people hurt themselves, let me clarify that statement. I like watching the falls in figure skating because, when they happen, said figure skater will keep their ridiculously optimistic facial expression and get right back on the horse and continue with their routine, and this my friends is why I like it. It’s as if nothing could phase them.

I sometimes suspect that figure skaters are either all robots, or at the very least, people I wouldn’t want to play poker with.

This kind of commitment is very rarely seen in the modern world, and it is that unwavering dedication to the sport that Intrigues me so.

Just think about it for a second. If, in your regular lives, (assuming that in your regular lives you aren’t a figure skater) you suddenly fell over whilst typing at your desk, or serving the fries. A vast majority of people would make a big deal about it, crying out in pain or becoming embarrassed, some people would even go so far as to demand compensation for unsafe working conditions. There is so much pride being destroyed from such a simple thing.

And then it hit me. Perhaps we make such a fuss about it because we aren’t accountable for it. In the figure skating world you are scored on your performance, a fall can make or break a routine, so if you let something as simple as a stumble distract you, you have no business being there.

So I propose this: Lets start scoring our lives

Sure there is already some schemes like this in place, such as employee of the month, tips, and performance bonuses, but these don’t go far enough. Imagine if every action you did contributed to your overall score. Getting up and going for a cup of coffee would bring a whole world of excitement. Never again would a fall bring you down, because if you let it win your score would plummet.

And think of the jobs this would create, there would have to be a panel of judges in every work place scoring the workers. The possibilities are endless and the only downside would be letting go of your selfish pride and giving it your all.

Hmm…It would seem I have strayed off topic some what. Sorry about that. But I did warn you that I was ignorant to the complexities that are figure skating. I just hope you enjoyed my time here, and perhaps will look at falling not as something to worry about, but as an opportunity to get back up.

Much Love
Moose Wrangler

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Falling in figure skating is like ice wrangling. I like watching the falls because they keep their optimistic facial expressions the whole time.

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