I’ve Decided to Become a Morning Person

Well everyone, I’ve decided to become a morning person. This is literally the most annoying decision I’ve ever made.

Become a Morning Person

Why I’m Going to Become a Morning Person

I hate waking up early. Especially to an alarm clock. Because morning’s are the worst. I’m sleepy, grumpy, and all the other negative dwarves (dwarf’s? My spell checker says I’m wrong). Definitely not happy.

But there’s this…thought gnawing at me. It says “Remember that time you used to jog three mornings a week before work?” and I nod, grudgingly.

And then I hear another thought. “Remember how you survived and you actually didn’t hate getting up so early with a passion, only with annoyance, after a few months?”

No. I don’t remember that part. But the thought thinks I didn’t hate it so much by the end there.

Something’s got to change

Maybe I don’t have to go jogging in the wee hours but I’ve got to at least get on a different schedule. I’m pretty tired most of the time, and I’m dragging myself through the day.

Sure, the super-cold weather has a bit to do with it, but I think it’s more to do with getting into a rut. Giving in to bad habits and becoming lazier and lazier.

So now I have to combat the snoozies and the lazies with some “Rise Up And Shine” action. No matter how grumpy I am at first.

(Watch out co-workers, this is not going to be pretty.)

Wanting to do this right I Googled around a bit for some good tips for magically transforming into a morning person

Unfortunately, all I found were pretty silly ideas like “do your hair the night before” and “give yourself a pep talk.”


My favourite suggestion was “set an alarm clock.”

Perhaps someone out there has a real suggestion? My husband says “just get up,” which I guess is the essence of what I’m trying to do…but I’d like the answer to be a little more sugar coated and, well, easier.

Posts about actually becoming a morning person

Well everyone, I've decided to become a morning person. This is literally the most annoying decision I've ever made. I hate waking up early.

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