Lion vs. Tiger: Battle to the Death

Have you ever wondered who would win in a lion vs. tiger battle? Well today you will wonder no more!

Lion vs. Tiger

For this edition of Stupid Animal Battles I’m going right to the source: Animal Face-Off.

Aired on the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet, this show pairs up animals and has a hypothetical battle. Sounds vaguely familiar…doesn’t it?

It’s actually incredibly awesome. This show takes the question who would win, lion vs. tiger, from a purely factual/scientific viewpoint and deduces who would win in an epic battle to the death.

Here are some screenshots from the show (all CGI of course, not a real battle)

Lion vs. Tiger: Battle to the Death

It’s an entirely digital battle, and there’s no blood so I’d say it’s kid-friendly (although there is death at the end so maybe pre-screen).

Lion vs. Tiger: Battle to the Death

Here’s the Wikipedia description from the lion vs. tiger episode “Asiatic Lion vs. Bengal Tiger”

A male Asiatic lion is wandering in an abandoned Indian temple when he suddenly spots a Bengal tiger feeding close by. The lion roars at his larger, striped relative to back off, but the tiger ignores the warning. The lion then charges at the tiger, but trips on it upon impact, catching the tiger off-guard.

Quickly seizing the opportunity to win, the agile tiger quickly recovers and repeatedly attempts to bite the lion’s throat, but the lion shakes off the attack and the combatants are back to square one. Both cats roar, claw, and wrestle with one another, but neither lands a fatal blow. The tiger tries to end the fight with a fatal neck bite, but the lion’s mane deflects its aim.

The tiger then charges at the lion, but the lion deflects the attack, catches the tiger off guard again and delivers the killing blow to the tiger’s neck, killing it. The lion walks off, roaring victoriously.

Who’s the winner? It’s actually an interesting battle. According to this show, a lion will train for four years to learn how to fight properly. This is how the lion retains the crown (King of the Beasts) year after year. You know, at the annual King of the Beasts Championships at Kruger National Park where all rogue lions meet to play.

Over and over I’ve seen that although the lion can hold his own in a fight, his real power is in the sneak attack.

You know who else has a sneak attack? My cat. It must be a cat thing.

The next battle: Cat vs. Turtle.

Have you ever wondered who would win in a lion vs. tiger battle? Well today you will wonder no more! I'm here with a scientific answer powered by CGI.

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