LIST LOVE Introduction to List Building

These days I’m too busy for “just in case learning” so just in time resources like Jennifer Maker’s List Love is PERFECT for my busy schedule.

LIST LOVE Introduction to List Building

List Love: Introduction to List Building

Because I’m obsessed with all things platform, growing my email list is something I’m focusing on. Sure, social media vanity metrics feel good and make my friends jealous but when push comes to shove I know my time is better spent elsewhere.

In less than 12 months, craft blogger Jennifer Maker grew her email list to 20,000 subscribers.

At the time she didn’t know she was doing anything extraordinary but when her friends and fellow bloggers started asking her for her secrets she knew she was on to something.

That’s where this short (free) ebook came from: her willingness to share what works for her with her community.

Because I’m not really into crafting I haven’t heard of this maven before this year but I’m so glad I have now!

I’ve read two of her ebooks and taken one of her courses and am impressed with her openness to share her tactics, metrics and strategies.

I hope when I start publishing books I can be just like Jennifer Maker.

By the way, did I mention this awesome little ebook is free? Grab your copy with my affiliate link here and if you purchase anything from then I’ll receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

It’s an excellent, quick read and I know you’ll take something away you can implement today.

List Love By Jennifer Maker Synopsis

So you’ve heard you need a mailing list for your blog, but you’re not sure how to start one? Or maybe you already have a mailing list, but you’re really struggling to get people to sign up for it? 

I can help!

I grew my mailing list to 20,000 subscribers in less than a year on a new blog domain. My mailing list alone was responsible for earning more than $12,000 on my very first product launch, less than a year after launching my blog. And it’s earned me thousands of dollars in affiliate revenue in my first year as well! Best of all, I have built a solid audience of devoted fans that I can connect with at any time without worrying about social media algorithms.

My LIST LOVE mini e-book is the perfect introduction to list building. It’s packed with real information and helpful tips, including real-life examples from my blog and my mailing list.

In this FREE e-book, you’ll learn:

  • Why you need a mailing list for your blog
  • Why it’s so important to start your mailing list as soon as you can
  • How a mailing list can have a tremendous impact on your blog’s success and earning potential
  • Why emailing your people is so powerful
  • How to sign up for the best mail service for your needs
  • How to get started building your list

PLUS you’ll see real results from my mailing list that have earned me significant income in my first year of blogging!

Get the free ebook here.

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These days I'm too busy for "just in case learning" so just in time resources like Jennifer Maker's List Love is PERFECT for my busy schedule.

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These days I'm too busy for "just in case learning" so resources like Jennifer Maker's List Love is PERFECT for my busy schedule.