DIY T-Shirt Pillow | Gifts for Under $5

This is a quick and dirty tutorial for a DIY T-shirt pillow. Now, let it be known I’m a poor crafter—but I’m also persistent. And I think this project isn’t half-bad!

DIY T-Shirt Pillow

DIY T-Shirt Pillow

It’s not that I don’t like crafting. Actually I find the whole thing amazing, to be able to create something from something else (reuse or re-purpose if you will). I just kind of suck. Most of my projects end in disaster and my laundry room just keeps filling up with “ideas gone wrong.”

But my persistence usually pays off. Case in point today, my DIY T-shirt pillow.

Something like four months ago I attended a clothing swap and picked up this interesting long sleeved t-shirt. I kind of liked it and since it was up for grabs I thought I’d give it a shot.


I learned just why it was up for grabs: Massive pit stains. And they weren’t mine.

That’s when I decided it would make a lovely pillow case. I wanted to make a few of them for my sister’s new place but of course I never got my act together before Christmas. Although I did raid her “to go” clothing and find some great t-shirts to use, so you never know.

Anyway, for this pit-stained wonder I cut off the sleeves first thing. Then I measured and pinned and messed around until I worked up my nerve to actually attempt to sew the thing together.

Did I mention I’m also a dismal seamstress? I’m very insecure behind the pedal. OK since I’m already being so honest I got my mom to come over and thread the bobbin for me.

Once the shirt/case was on the pillow I thought it needed a little something. More cowbell lace. So, I hesitate to call this Gift Under $5 complete because I will pick up lace on the weekend to add to my DIY T-shirt pillow. Then I’ll sew up the bottom and brag.

Cost thus far for the DIY T-shirt pillow

  • Shirt: $0 (acquired in clothing swap)
  • Pillow: $0 (came with the couch)
  • Pins, thread, sewing machine: $0 (was my grandmother’s)

Labour? About an hour, maybe two.

And since I’m so afraid of crafting and sewing, I know this is something anyone can do.

Here’s an actual DIY T-shirt pillow tutorial so you don’t have to wing it. Although I have great faith in you.

Fun T-Shirt Pillow Finds on Etsy

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This is a quick and dirty tutorial for a DIY T-shirt pillow. Now, let it be known I'm a poor crafter but I think this project isn't half-bad!

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