Freelancer Organization Tips

Freelancer Organization Tips

When I began freelancing things were straightforward. Someone would ask me for an article and I would write it. I’d write whenever I felt like it and I’d invoice when I remembered.

It sort of worked.

But when I decided I wanted to make a real go of freelancing, I realized I needed a more professional approach. The first step was getting organized.

For me, the benefits of being and staying organized have been remarkable. I am less stressed out, I get my work in on deadline, I’m in sync with my clients and I am able to do my best work.

It took a while to develop the systems and habits I needed to build the business I wanted, one I was proud of and felt good about, but it was worth the effort.

Here are six areas I’ve found key to being organized as a freelancer.

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5 Things Joyful People Have in Common

5 Things Joyful People Have in Common

If you experienced the beauty of 1990s-era campfire songs you will remember singing “Joy In My Heart” (more commonly called “I’ve Got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy”) at the top of your lungs. Written in 1925 by Minister George William Cooke, it’s the type of song you can’t stop singing once it gets stuck in your head. It was even given new life when Christian pop group for KING & COUNTRY sampled it in their 2018 hit “joy.”

As a child I spent a lot of time singing “I’ve Got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy” but didn’t take much time to consider the lyrics. In repetitive fashion it explains how joy exists down in our hearts and stays there along with the peace that passes understanding, the love of Jesus and freedom from condemnation.

Thinking about joy all these years later, the song comes back to mind and I’m experiencing the truth in these simple lyrics.

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Insurance Implications for Aquarists

Insurance Implicatiosn for Aquarists

When you’re setting up a new tank, aquarium liability is probably the last thing on your mind. And no one is going to force you to get a specialty policy to cover your aquatic wonderland. But here’s the thing, accidents happen. An appropriate insurance policy may be your golden ticket should a time come when you need it.

To determine what sort of coverage you may need, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • If your aquarium breaks, who’s responsible for replacing it?
  • If your aquarium leaks into your downstairs neighbour’s home, who pays for the damage?
  • If someone breaks into your home and steals or breaks some of your gear, are you covered?

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