How to Avoid the Kid Question

Do you have strategies to avoid the kid question? The other day I was driving with my friend, who is very much pregnant, when she casually asked, “So, how many people have asked you when you’re going to have kids yet?”

Avoid the Kid Question

I laughed at the ridiculousness—I mean, I just got people off my back about getting married so you’d think I’d get some slack.

Or does the pressure never go away, it just changes? Why are people never satisfied with the life you’re living? Always asking when you’re going to take the next step? Forcing me to avoid the kid question?

But I digress

Anyway. I’m starting to sound like it bothers me that people are already asking when I’m going to have a kid. Well, actually I’ve only been asked a couple times and it hasn’t been so bad. The thought of the question feels kind of invasive and actually none of anyone’s business but other than that I’m learning that it’s just something people I’m only moderately acquainted with expect to be in the loop about.

Prepare to be disappointed.

Mostly I just catch people looking at my stomach. And it doesn’t help that I’ve had really bad gas lately (I blame greasy hockey snacks…) and my mid-section has been a bit bloated. Great. Let the rumours begin.

So here are some helpful comebacks to avoid the kid question inspired by the Internet and tweaked by yours truly.

Top five comebacks in order to avoid the kid question

  1. As soon as I figure out how…any tips?
  2. I’m waiting for Mr. Right
  3. As soon as they’re worth more on the black market
  4. About nine months after conception
  5. My biological clock is in binary. You try to read it

Hope this was helpful!

Do you have strategies to avoid the kid question? The other day my friend asked, "So, how many people have asked you when you're going to have kids yet?"

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