The Best Prank Ever Played on Me

For the most part I think pranks are dumb (unless I’m the one pulling them) but this prank, well, this was the best prank ever played on me.

The Best Prank Ever Played on Me

I’m not exactly sure what year it was, but a prank got the best of me either the summer after I stopped skating, or the one after.

Like I said before, I originally took a break from skating to work at camp. Well, while I was a skater, it was my entire identity. And when I went to camp, I realized I didn’t really want people to know that Robyn. I wanted a separation from figure skating. So, I didn’t mention it.

However, the past has a way of following you.

The best prank ever played on me

There was a staff lounge at camp, where we all had communication boxes with our camp names on them (mine was “Retro”). One day, someone came across, or remembered, or something, an old article in the paper where I had a not-so-awesome photo of myself in a little skating dress doing an awkward pose (the article in the photo below). My mom was also quoted in the piece. Seriously, the article was at least three years old. I have no idea where it came from.

And what did this person do with their newfound treasure?

Instead of letting me know about it, this person proceeded to photocopy the article and distribute it to all the counsellors communication boxes except mine.

And then came the comments.

“So Retro, what would you say a graceful pose would be?”

“Hey Retro would you say the double lutz is a clincher jump?”

“Retro would you say you’re just one step ahead of the bunch?”

“What exactly is it that makes you gold?”

Sooooooooooo confusing when you have no idea what people are talking about. (BTW if you can’t read the article those are quotes from my mom…)

Mostly people just would look at me and mimic my legendary skating pose. It happened so many times I knew something was going on, but why would I ever think of that article? No one knew I used to skate and hardly anyone was even from the same town as me. Also… did I mention the article was three years old!?

By the time someone finally let me in on the joke I was mortified. And yet…it was so funny. HOW did this happen?

I still don’t know. But the article does still tend to resurface from time to time.

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For the most part I think pranks are dumb (unless I'm the one pulling them) but this prank, well, this was the best prank ever played on me.

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