Become a Better Person at TEDxStanleyPark 2016

One of the main themes at TEDxStanleyPark is becoming a better person. This means living without regrets, becoming your best self and learning what makes you special.

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Become a Better Person at TEDxStanleyPark 2016

Become a better person at TEDxStanleyPark 2016

One of the main themes at the May 28 TEDxStanleyPark 2016 is becoming a better person—live without regrets, become your best self, and learn what makes you special. Here are three of the local thought leaders speaking on this topic.

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Isabelle Mercier—We worry too much

isabelle mercier

Brand builder and strategist Isabelle Mercier helps small businesses stand out and in her work she has noticed a pattern—worry. She wondered why all her clients had this in common and what it meant. She says worry prevents people from living their truth and only eight per cent of worry is even worth worrying about. The rest is either stuff that won’t happen, already has happened, or is out of our control.

She focuses on a key phrase in her TED talk: What you tolerate you worry about.

Isabelle says we are worried sick all day long and we spend time worrying instead of thinking big. We let it hold us back. She wants people who hear her talk learn what makes them special and find the courage to look past the worry and learn to extract their genius.

Iman Aghay—Our regrets are undermining our lives

Entrepreneur coach Iman Aghay says you realize what you care about when you have a deathbed experience. He would know, he has had two of them. He asked three questions on his deathbed, which he’ll unpack in his TED talk.

iman aghay

Iman says most people never ask these questions and float through life, letting it happen to them. Living in this way leads to regrets—and on your deathbed is not the time to realize what you care most about. What if you ask these questions before your deathbed? What if you asked these questions every day? And what if you give yourself permission to dream and find the courage to live the dream?

Iman says the result is you will change how you live.

Bosco Anthony—Too many people are spectators in life

bosco anthony

Digital storytelling strategist Bosco Anthony wants to know if you’re having honest conversations…with yourself.

Through his TED talk he wants to empower people to stop waiting for life to happen and act on their purpose. He has identified seven stages through which you can transition from living by default to living with purpose.

Through his talk you’ll learn how to ask yourself questions, which will help you become more curious and address the barriers preventing you from acting on your life’s purpose.

One of the main themes at TEDxStanleyPark is becoming a better person—live without regrets, become your best self, and learn what makes you special.

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