Leave an Impact at TEDxStanleyPark 2016

One of the main themes at the May 28 TEDxStanleyPark 2016 is how to leave an impact.

leave an impact

How to leave an impact

One of the main themes at the May 28 TEDxStanleyPark 2016 is how to leave an impact. This can be on a personal, social, and professional level. 

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Dan Lok—Great ideas are not being implemented

Dan Lok

Serial entrepreneur Dan Lok has had substantial economic failure. In fact, he fell more than $150,000 in debt before finding a mentor who taught him about business and marketing.

After (finally) finding success in business he began investing in other companies. He says the main reason businesses fail is because of bad assumptions. Dan thinks people need to go into business asking what could go wrong and getting comfortable with the risks.

In his talk, Dan will ask why great ideas don’t succeed. What is the invisible force holding us back? For those who want to leave an impact in business, Dan will outline the top qualities needed to be a successful entrepreneur.

Jessica Pautsch—Ownership is a broken social model

Jessica Pautsch

Jessica Pautsch is a social venture strategist exploring the concept of a sharing economy.

She says co-ownership is disrupting traditional business. Moving forward our preference will be access to resources versus ownership of them. Many urban start-ups are already applying this concept through shared resources like co-working spaces and car sharing.

In her talk about how to leave an impact, Jessica will show us the ways we’re already participating in the sharing economy. She will also demonstrate why we’re better when we work together.

Kieron Sweeny—Most people are retiring broke

Kieron Sweeny

Wealth mindset and business coach Kieron Sweeny has helped many people become financially secure through his system. Wanting to leave an impact, he’s aiming to change public school in Canada. He’s set on making financial literacy a part of the curriculum.

Kieron says before the industrial revolution everyone was an entrepreneur but now we have an employee-based economy. People today are overwhelmed by money.

Through his talk he wants to inspire financial awareness, understanding, and action.

Karn Manhas—Bed bugs are invading our bedrooms

Karn Manhas

Bed bugs!? Scientist Karn Manhas has developed a 100 per cent effective bio-pesticide for treating bed bugs.

His start-up company, Terramera, is commercializing effective and sustainable solutions for pest control. And this solution can be used for both organic food production and conventional farming.

Although his products are not yet available in Canada, Karn says there are ways we can protect ourselves from bed bugs, which he will outline in his talk. Through education we can learn how to think differently about bed bugs, which will mitigate fear.

Leave an Impact at TEDxStanleyPark 2016. If you’re looking for a general overview read this post on TEDxStanleyPark 2016

One of the main themes at the May 28 TEDxStanleyPark 2016 is how to leave an impact. Here are four of the local thought leaders speaking on this topic.

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