Make Real Connections at TEDx

There’s a thread woven throughout this year’s Stanley Park TEDx talks. It’s about making real connections. Connections with yourself, with others and with your community.

Make Real Connections at TEDx

Make real connections at TEDx

Like I said, one of the threads woven throughout this year’s TEDx talks is about making real connections. Here are three of the local thought leaders speaking on this topic.

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Galya Westler—Social media is causing loneliness, disconnection, and depression

Gayla Westler

Entrepreneur, toastmaster, and software engineer Galya Westler has a goal of connecting people. Her focus is creating apps to help communities connect with each other.

She says the problem is despite being more connected than ever, people are feeling lonely. Because we have social media obesity. We pig out on selfies. We make our social media persona’s appear perfect. But in real life things aren’t so good.

Galya’s talk will focus on social recovery. By connecting with smaller communities she says we’ll be able to overcome our sense of loneliness and balance our virtual life with real-world connections.

Maureen McGrath—Lust is leaving our marriages

Maureen McGrath

Registered nurse, sex therapist and radio personality Maureen McGrath has made a career out of bringing up taboo subjects. She’s also finding ways to socialize women’s sexuality.

Maureen says sex is good for your health. She is speaking at TEDx about sexless marriages, which affects 20 per cent of married couples.

The consequences of a sexless marriage are extreme—infidelity, pornography and divorce. People feel ashamed to talk about their sex lives, but everyone deals with this problem in one way or another at some point. By opening up the conversations it will help people bring lust back to the bedroom.

Connor Beaton—Men are confused and conflicted

Connor Beaton

Entrepreneur and opera singer Connor Beaton is the founder of ManTalks. This organization supports men’s heath and wellness by giving them the tools they need to be better fathers, husbands, and leaders in their community.

Connor’s passion is finding men who are making a difference and giving them a platform to share with and mentor others. His goal is to redefine masculinity.

He says many of our ideas about masculinity stem from WWI. Those who survived the traumatizing experience had no platform to share or process what happened. Connor’s talk is a call to everyone to get on board. He plans to address common stigmas and stereotypes about masculinity and look at it from different vantage points.

If you’re looking for a general overview read this post on TEDx

A thread woven throughout TEDx StanleyPark 2016 talks are about making real connections—with yourself, with others, and with your community.

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