Why I Don’t Want a Snuggie

I shouldn’t have to write a top 10 list on reasons why I don’t want a Snuggie but here we are.

Reasons why I don't want a Snuggie

I can’t believe it has come down to this.

For whatever reason my boyfriend thinks I need a Snuggie ever since he saw a lady in the commercial knitting happily whilst wearing said Snuggie. We’ve actually had several discussions about this stupid blanket-with-sleeves and he keeps listing off reasons why I should accept the gift.

Some of his reasons.

  • It has sleeeeeeeeeeeeves
  • But then I can knit and be warm! At the same time!
  • Why wouldn’t I want a Snuggie?
  • I will look like a wizard (OK he didn’t actually say that)

As unusual as it is, I would not like a Snuggie so much that I have abandoned my usual Top Five List and upgraded it to a Top 10.

Top 10 Reasons why my Boyfriend Should Not Buy me a Snuggie for Christmas

AKA why I don’t want a Snuggie. For serious.

  1. The first time I heard of this blanket with sleeves, the reason cited for its purchase was: “wine, credit card, and late night television are a bad combination.” If that’s not enough of a deterrent, I don’t know what is
  2. They’re a fad. Plus they look cheap
  3. This guy says they’re made out of cheap material and not even long enough to cover your feet
  4. That guy also said the Slanket is better, as far as blankets with sleeves go (Idon’twantaslanket)
  5. This really is just a backwards robe. That is ridiculous. Why would you wear your robe backwards? Kris Kross is overrrrr
  6. If I’m cold and I would like to knit, or have a snack, or answer my phone, I will put on a sweater. Or knit one
  7. If I’m cold and would like to watch TV, I will use one of the several blankets I already own
  8. I was warned I should wait until the electric version of the Snuggie comes out next summer. The toasty. Next summer
  9. I look at Snuggies the same way I look at Crocs
  10. Even if my arms are warm…what about my hands?

Let this be a warning.

Other top five lists

I shouldn't have to write a top 10 list on reasons why I don't want a Snuggie but here we are.

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