A War and A Wedding by Melissa Service

Let’s say you’re an average teenager who has no time for ancient prophecies like a war and a wedding.

If so, then you’re exactly like Ellyce Jensen. It’s pure fiction, quite literally out of a book.

Would you feel the same about the legends when your fantasy-writing father up and disappears, leaving behind cryptic instructions and a dangerous scavenger hunt?

A War and A Wedding by Melissa Service

A War and A Wedding review

I don’t spend a lot of time reading YA fantasy but I loved the idea of going on an adventure with Ellyce. And putting together anagrams and trying to decode secret messages?

Even better. I spent most of my energy trying to figure out who Ellyce should trust and keep track of which clue meant what and why it mattered.

“Language is the bedrock of any civilization,” Lamad instructed. “When the meanings of words change and language breaks down, so does society. Look at any of your history books—they all tell the same story. A nation’s rise to greatness and its crashing destructive fall all occurs around language. When language becomes corrupt, the decline begins.”

A War and A Wedding

Mostly, I guessed wrong. Which is awesome because I love being surprised at the end.

In A War and A Wedding (A War and A Wedding, book 1), Melissa Service weaves mysterious messages and helpful, yet confusing, messengers into Ellyce Jensen’s frightening journey. She wants to find her father but the closer she comes to discovering his hiding place, the more dangerous things become.

I loved this first book in the A War and A Wedding series but it’s best to keep in mind it’s the FIRST book. Just when things are starting to make sense…we must wait for book two.

Arg! I must have book two!!!

A War and A Wedding Synopsis

The week before her seventeenth birthday, Ellyce Jensen’s father disappeared.

Forty-five days later she discovers the jagged, haphazardly scrawled note he left behind. Revealing that the ancient prophecies he wrote about were true, Thomas’ note urged her to find Derek–someone she’d never heard of before. As Ellyce battles against the people she thought she could trust–and the supernatural forces sent to stop her, she soon learns…this is only the beginning.

There will be a WAR.
There will be a WEDDING.
Lines will be drawn.
Choose for yourself…whom you will serve.

Melissa Service‘s A War and A Wedding was released June 21, 2019.

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Let's say you're an average teenager who has no time for ancient prophecies like A War and A Wedding. If so, then you're exactly like Ellyce Jensen. It's pure fiction, quite literally out of a book.

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