Autocorrect Funnies (But Not the Funniest)

Today’s topic is autocorrect. I don’t have a love/hate relationship with it. Just hate mostly. It makes me shake with anger most of the time. It’s true.


My Beef With Autocorrect

While I appreciate autocorrect, I don’t appreciate its over-eagerness to fix ALL THE THINGS. Also, I’m worried I’m relying on it too much and my writing skills are slipping as a result.

Anyway, so after a year of fighting with autocorrect my husband walked me through disabling autocorrect on my phone.

And I’d like to point out I probably could have figured this out for myself in five minutes or less, I just never bothered

I think he just got tired of me whining about it. Perhaps I enjoyed complaining in a backward sort of way. Since the disabling I’ve been making basically as many errors as before—but at least they’re my own.

I’m learning to proofread my texts and emails. Slowly. Which I should have been doing all along.

Do you see what I mean? I’m getting lazy!

Actually though, the real goal of this post about autocorrect is to share my tweet. I posted on Twitter as soon as I disabled autocorrect (top image). And that was all real! I typed as if I was being auto corrected and just let the magic happen all on its own.

A secondary goal is to show you this hilarious Telus commercial. Called Nasty Clown. (“I’m in bed with a nasty clown”) and it took me forever to find the clip.

Anyway, for the benefit of everyone who doesn’t live in British Columbia and has no clue what Telus is, it’s a communications company that made a funny commercial. Worth the watch.

Want more? Here are 10 Autocorrect Text Fails thanks to Grammarly.

Today's topic is autocorrect. I don't have a love/hate relationship with it. Just hate mostly. It makes me shake with anger most of the time. It's true.

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