Fall Lineup Five Revisited

Since we’re at mid-season in the television world, this seems like an appropriate time to revisit my Fall Lineup Five from this summer. You know, the post wherin I shared the television shows I was most looking forward to this season.

Fall Lineup

This is not to say I spend a lot of time in front of the TV. Unfortunately, I spend most of my time working a day job and, lately, crafting, freelance writing, and trying to do some sort of daily athletic activity.

But these shows have made it into my couch time and here is my report.

Fall Lineup Five Revisited

Once Upon A Time

I said I was most looking forward to this show and so far it hasn’t disappointed. It’s got an interesting concept, although as the series goes on I think the writing is actually getting weaker. So I hope they step it up a notch moving forward.

Also I find it interesting how I don’t mind watching it live. Since I’m getting so used to watching on demand I have little patience for commercials let alone waiting an entire week to see the next episode. So there must be some power in this show. To bring me outside my watching habits so smoothly.

New Girl

I had high hopes for this one and I thought the first six episodes were horrible. But since I had such high hopes, I was optimistic the actors would get comfortable with their characters (especially since it seems like the show will be sticking around so maybe they’ll feel some job security) and kept watching.

And I’m glad I did. Beginning around the Thanksgiving episode right before Christmas, I’ve enjoyed New Girl quite a bit. And my husband even laughed at the one with the towels. And he’s a tough nut to crack.


Well this show may not make it past Season 3. Which is unfortunate. But actually, I kind of get it. These people are in Community College and it’s about them, the seven in the study group. So what happens when they graduate? I know the writers have been addressing this problem by taking many of the scenes off campus but honestly they’re not as good. It’s the quirky college and the weird students and of course the dean who really give the show colour.

My husband was their biggest fan and he’s only really enjoyed a few episodes from this season. I’ve enjoyed most or all of them, but I’m perhaps a little easier to please entertainment-wise.

All I’m trying to say is I think he has a good sense of comedy and so if he says the show is lagging…and then the network puts the show on a lengthy hiatus…well, even I can do that math.

Parks and Recreation

This show has lived up to my expectations. And even though I hate to admit it, when Ben lost his job I even cried a little.

This season has been creative and humorous and unexpected. Great job.

The Big Bang Theory

This one has been kind of up and down. I think they have a lot to live up to, which is difficult. It’s tough to stay on top.

But I like the direction the show is going. I’m glad they’re developing more characters than just Sheldon (sorry, but too much of a good thing…) and I find myself anticipating the new episodes.

Well that’s the quick update and re-cap of my fall lineup top five shows. And there’s more!

In the meantime I’ve added a couple new shows to my repertoire. Ever since my brush with vampires I’ve been watching Castle. As well I—by chance—caught an episode of Fringe and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. So I borrowed the first season and am planning a marathon in front of the fireplace at my next opportunity. So…June perhaps. No, July.

I'm very excited for new shows this fall. Here is my Fall Lineup Five for 2011. Except it's actually "autumn" because fall isn't a season it's a verb.

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Can Animals be Vampires?

The question of the day is can animals be vampires? I mean, you’ve wondered this before right? OK let’s get right to the answer. Strictly speaking, no. But yes.

Can Animals be Vampires

Can Animals be Vampires?

What I mean is no, animals cannot be bitten and catch some weird “undead” virus and become souless beings wandering the globe looking for blood to drink.

However, in nature there are real bloodsuckers. But they’re just born that way, which is somehow more palatable.

Here’s a quick list of common blood-thirsty animals for you to file up in the memory banks

  1. Leeches. I remember my first leech. It was pretty nasty. I was a kid and I didn’t know they were on me, I was just minding my own business, having a nice swim in a lake I didn’t know. And then all of a sudden my parents are pushing me around pouring salt on me like I’m a french fry. Actually this is probably why I have such an aversion to water nowadays. Hmm…the things this blog has taught me…
  2. Female mosquito. I’m sure we’re all very familiar with this one…if you didn’t know it, only the female mosquitoes bite you and drink your blood to get protein and other good stuff to their unborn. That’s why you should kill them!
  3. Ticks. If you grew up near where I grew up, or have spent any amount of time playing or walking through forests, you’ve likely encountered these thirsty guys. Not only can they drink way more than their body size thanks to an elasticy shell, these suckers burrow into your skin making it difficult to remove said tick once s/he has embedded him/herself into your skin headfirst. We were always taught to burn ’em out by holding a match really close to your skin until the tick comes out on it’s own, but it seems like the Internet doesn’t recommend this method. Suppose I did grow up an unknowing redneck. That’s OK.
  4. Bedbugs! AKA the bug of the hour, not only putting hotels out of business all over North America, but increasing mattress sales by hundreds of per cents! They hide out in carpet, mattresses, in walls, etc. and then come out at night to feed. Awesome. Also they actually can be killed by pesticides, but since we’re all “green” now we kind of have to put up with this consequence of just saying “No!” to DDT. How about just a good vacuum? Will that do it?
  5. Fleas. Bor-ing. Everyone has fleas—dogs, cats, rats, even humans. They spread the Black Plague and are basically responsible for population control. They pick a host, suck its blood, and more or less hang out there for as long as possible. Good times for the fleas.
  6. Lice. Or is it louse? Anyway, these things are a bit like fleas but they live in human hair, and believe it or not there are different species of louse based on the body region it prefers. Yech. Also I learned they frequent people who don’t bathe regularly, but it’s weird because in school we were always taught lice liked clean hair. Wait a second…is that what they told us so we wouldn’t tease the other kids or feel bad about ourselves when we got sent home from school after lice checks? Oh no…
  7. And last but not least, vampire bats. These aren’t really in North America, but I think we’ve all heard about them. They don’t eat humans (unless they’re Dracula?) they mostly stick to livestock and spread rabies.

Consider yourself informed. Now go! Get your salt and vacuum! And buy a new mattress!

The question of the day is can animals be vampires? I mean, you've wondered this before right? Let's get to the answer. Strictly speaking, no. But yes.

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Vampire Fashion For Extra Seduction Points

Vampire Fashion. Because if you’re going vamp you need to look the part. And that part is good. Looking good, that is.

Vampire Fashion

I found some helpful fashion advice on Wardrobe Advice. Aside from a few styles of vampire dress, I learned looking good trumps all the other rules.

But what are the vampire fashion rules?

Maybe we should talk briefly about why this is important: all the better to seduce you with, my dear

Broken down a step further (do we really need to do this?)…

Female Vampire Wardrobe should include:

  • A commitment to high fashion
  • Form fitting, sexy dresses
  • Black clothes are always classic
  • Tight clothes
  • Shirts with built-in accessories (I swear I’m not making this up)
  • Trench coat worn open

Male Vampire Wardrobe should include:

  • A commitment to high fashion
  • Dark suits with light-coloured shirts
  • Classic vampire: tuxedo with cape, always wins the ladies
  • A good selection of non-faded black clothes
  • T-shirts and button down tops—also good

Also, remember vampires live forever so maybe don’t follow the day-to-day vampire fashion fads. You’ll just end up spending a lot of money on things that won’t last. Go for those lasting trends.

Just say “No!” to fads.

You know, after reading this list of vampire fashion dos I think I’ve learned a lot. And I believe I can spot a vampire now. Here are my best guesses.

Abercrombie Fitch Ad

I like these vampire fashion icons and look! These vampires moonlight as Abercrombie models!


This is like Where’s Waldo? but way easier. More like shooting fish in a barrel. Vampire fashion is amazing.

Isabeli Fontant Vampire

Vampire’s spotted on the runway even. Wowzers, I’m getting pretty good at this!

I’d like to know a few fashion don’ts but perhaps it’s a non-issue since what would the consequences be?

Vampire Fashion. Because if you're going vamp you need to look the part. Looking good is important. And I believe I can spot a vampire now.

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Quick Cold Bath Facts

Today I have some quick cold bath facts to share, inspired by a random video I saw from the Dr. Oz show. I wish I had saved it to give you some context but I’ll just have to describe it, link to it and then get to the cold bath facts.

Cold Bath Facts

OK, so a month or so ago, while doing research for a completely unrelated topic and article, I came across this intriguing video from the Dr. Oz show. It was an interview with that guy who wrote about The 4-Hour Workweek and he has just released a new book (well it’s not that new, I borrowed it from the library after watching the video clip) The 4 Hour Body.

Anyway, this guy spoke about taking ice baths as a way of kick-starting your metabolism and I did a double take and watched the video again. What now? Turns out there is actually some science to the old “ice bath” so long as the temperature stays between 12 and 14 degrees Celcius. Now that’s cold!

Apparently athletes take ice cold baths as a way of helping their bodies recover better from intense training.

Cold bath facts from the video clip AKA what people say ice baths do for you

  • Help sore/tired muscles recover quicker by doing something to help muscle tears heal
  • Causes blood vessels to constrict and flush lactic acid out of the muscles. That’s a good thing
  • Reduces swelling
  • Helps relax muscles

And then after the cold bath, you follow it with a warm bath to increase blood flow through the muscles.

Cold bath facts from the health sector. They thing ice baths help with the following.

  • Increase circulation (good if you struggle with fatigue)
  • Reduce stress/depression (because cold water reduces tension in the body)
  • Create healthier looking hair (cold water covers hair cuticles thus protecting the scalp from dirt, which helps prevent hair loss…)
  • And a few other things like increase white blood cells, strengthen mucous membranes (which helps people resist hay fever, allergies, colds), and improve the health of body tissues

All very interesting. And I’m slightly tempted to give it a go but the thought of sitting in a tub of cold water doesn’t exactly appeal to me.

So for now I have three questions from all of these interesting cold bath facts.

  1. Do you ever get used to cold water baths?
  2. Can any of these claims be proven?
  3. Can bubbles survive in cold water baths?

I suppose there’s only one way to find out for sure. Maybe my husband will volunteer.

Today I have some quick cold bath facts to share, inspired by a random video I saw from the Dr. Oz show. I wish I had saved it to give you some context.

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Top Five Celebrity Crushes (Updated Version)

Here is a revised and updated top five celebrity crushes list. Updated for the present day. Completely embarrassing.

Top Five Celebrity Crushes

Let’s just dive in, shall we?

Top Five Celebrity Crushes (Updated Version)

  1. Prince William. I don’t know if it’s the whole “going to be king” thing or because my circles in England so very nearly intersected with his and I just knew if he had met me instead of Kate perhaps things would be different now. Just saying. At any rate I know nearly nothing about him except he seems like a nice guy, and is also pretty classy and fun.
  2. Colin Farrel. What’s not to like? He’s got those dangerous Irish eyes, the dreamy accent (that he turns on and off like a faucet), and of course he’s a brilliant actor and singer. When I saw him at the wax museum my dreams basically came true. I wish I could find that photo (you would think I would have blogged about that) but I’m sure you can imagine what took place: me gushing and blushing a little, him stoic and professional. Always. But he’s a bit waxy.
  3. Conor Oberst. He’s the singer-songwriter-guitarist from a little indie band called Bright Eyes, which is very good. And it was before the whole “Plain White T’s” thing so don’t roll your eyes. At least my crush pre-dates THOSE guys. Anyway, they’ve been around since the 90s but I was still into punk back then. So I got into this band in the early 2000s. OK the mid. Anyway, without seeing this guy I had a crush on him. I loved his lyrics and vocals and passion and, well, everything. And then I saw a picture and my joy was complete.
  4. Ted Mosby. Not the actor. The character from How I Met Your Mother. Ted Mosby. This guy isn’t the funniest person on the show, but he’s definitely the most romantic. He’s the every man (or at least the every man you imagine is out there) who ultimately believes love conquers all. Wouldn’t that be nice. How could you not love this guy? And when is he going to meet his kids’ mother anyway?
  5. Adam LoPapa. This is the newest and frankly the most embarrassing of the list. Because he’s 19. And a dancer. But I can’t help it! He’s so cute! And, well, is quite the dancer. That’s all I’ll say about that because, well, I’m mortified. And feeling a bit dirty.

And those are my for-the-moment top five celebrity crushes. Surprised? I am. And embarrassed. And now you have all the juicy details.

Here is a revised and updated top five celebrity crushes list. Updated for the present day. Completely embarrassing. But here it is.

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