Top Five Celebrity Crushes (Updated Version)

Here is a revised and updated top five celebrity crushes list. Updated for the present day. Completely embarrassing.

Top Five Celebrity Crushes

Let’s just dive in, shall we?

Top Five Celebrity Crushes (Updated Version)

  1. Prince William. I don’t know if it’s the whole “going to be king” thing or because my circles in England so very nearly intersected with his and I just knew if he had met me instead of Kate perhaps things would be different now. Just saying. At any rate I know nearly nothing about him except he seems like a nice guy, and is also pretty classy and fun.
  2. Colin Farrel. What’s not to like? He’s got those dangerous Irish eyes, the dreamy accent (that he turns on and off like a faucet), and of course he’s a brilliant actor and singer. When I saw him at the wax museum my dreams basically came true. I wish I could find that photo (you would think I would have blogged about that) but I’m sure you can imagine what took place: me gushing and blushing a little, him stoic and professional. Always. But he’s a bit waxy.
  3. Conor Oberst. He’s the singer-songwriter-guitarist from a little indie band called Bright Eyes, which is very good. And it was before the whole “Plain White T’s” thing so don’t roll your eyes. At least my crush pre-dates THOSE guys. Anyway, they’ve been around since the 90s but I was still into punk back then. So I got into this band in the early 2000s. OK the mid. Anyway, without seeing this guy I had a crush on him. I loved his lyrics and vocals and passion and, well, everything. And then I saw a picture and my joy was complete.
  4. Ted Mosby. Not the actor. The character from How I Met Your Mother. Ted Mosby. This guy isn’t the funniest person on the show, but he’s definitely the most romantic. He’s the every man (or at least the every man you imagine is out there) who ultimately believes love conquers all. Wouldn’t that be nice. How could you not love this guy? And when is he going to meet his kids’ mother anyway?
  5. Adam LoPapa. This is the newest and frankly the most embarrassing of the list. Because he’s 19. And a dancer. But I can’t help it! He’s so cute! And, well, is quite the dancer. That’s all I’ll say about that because, well, I’m mortified. And feeling a bit dirty.

And those are my for-the-moment top five celebrity crushes. Surprised? I am. And embarrassed. And now you have all the juicy details.

Other top five lists

Here is a revised and updated top five celebrity crushes list. Updated for the present day. Completely embarrassing. But here it is.

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