DIY T-Shirt Jewelry (Tutorial and Photos)

I’m so pleased to practice my braiding skills on DIY T-shirt jewelry. For a while I’ve wanted (desperately at times) to upcycle my old dingy clothes into something more useful. Something like jewelry.

DIY T-Shirt Jewelry

DIY T-Shirt jewelry

Actually first I wanted to make a rug but I’m still too intimidated by the whole “rug thing” to get very far.

Anyway, so back to the jewelry. I did it. And it worked out really well!

Here is my tutorial for DIY T-shirt jewelry.

Although I will point out I did simplify the DIY T-shirt jewelry instructions quite a bit so I wouldn’t, you know, confuse people. I found the directions from various online sources quite confusing.

Finger Knitted Fabric Bracelet

Anyway, I made a fabric bracelet, which is inspired by my niece who brought finger knitting home from school and taught me something new. She spent most of her “finger knitting” time making long, senseless chains. When projects lack purpose I just don’t know what to do…I need a finished product! So I started finger knitting the long chains. And the bracelet turned out pretty good!

Fabric Necklace

My second DIY T-shirt jewelry project was a fabric chain necklace. I had a stretchy turtleneck thing that I hated wearing. (Hated!) And I saw an idea somewhere (definitely on Pinterest but I don’t know if it was there first or not) for creating a necklace out of an old T-shirt by cutting it into loops and affixing them at the back.

I like how the necklace turned out but I haven’t figured out how to wear it in public yet. It was super simple and since my T-shirt was striped it wasn’t even difficult to cut in straight lines. (Bonus.) So all in all it was a nice little project.

DIY T-shirt jewelry conclusion

Anyway, so if you have a bunch of old T-shirts or need a little fabric project to do with those who are able to finger knit, there you go. DIY T-shirt jewelry, have at ‘er.

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My DIY T-shirt jewelry is inspired by my niece, who brought finger knitting home from school and taught me something new. I love my fabric jewelry!

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