DIY Black Tea Window Cleaner

DIY black tea window cleaner recipe and instructions. As far as DIY cleaners go, this one is on the easy side.

DIY Black Tea Window Cleaner

DIY Black Tea Window Cleaner

A few weeks ago my husband and I were at a home renovation trade show where we signed up for a free air purifier. Free with an in-home demonstration of a premium air purification system of course.

Well the demonstration happened and we sat through the entire presentation in order to receive the promised air purifier. It was a long night. While waiting for our free gift I managed to learn a little something about cleaning products. For example, we spend a lot of money on cleaning products and many of them contain scary chemicals.

I guess I knew this before, but when the opportunity came to try out a DIY window cleaner from black tea of all things, I was educated, primed, and all in.

The kind people at Choice Tea sent me a variety of black teas in order to conduct my experiment and they were delicious. English Breakfast, Wild Forest Black, Classic Black. Yum. They’re organic, fair trade, GMO free, and of course gluten free. So silky. So tasty.

I didn’t want to make cleaner out of the tea, I wanted it all in my mouth.

But I had to know: will black tea really clean my windows?

DIY black tea window cleaner

As far as DIY cleaners go, this one is on the easy side.

DIY Black Tea Window Cleaner Instructions

What you need

  • Empty spray bottle
  • 3 bags of black tea
  • 1 cup of water

What you do

  • Steep 3 tea bags in 1 cup of water and let cool
  • Pour brewed tea into spray bottle
  • Spray on glass and wipe with paper towel or cloth

I tried it out on my glass coffee table and, you know what? My table smells like tea. Also, it’s super see-through.

Later in the day I brought my husband by the table to check it out. We took some time sniff-testing it and I decided I prefer it to smelling like chemicals or looking streaky when I only clean it with water.

This was fun, and I’ve Pinned 18 ways to use black tea so if I can hold back from drinking this deliciousness then I will have some black tea fun this summer.

And great news, Choice is available in Canada! Use this handy store locator to find your closest distributor.

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