Fall Lineup Five for 2011 Season

Before I had TV (and before I knew how to use my PVR) I wasn’t that interested in the Annual Fall Lineup or new shows or whatever.

Fall Lineup

But a few of my friends and family would periodically invite me over to screen this show or that and I found myself quite enjoying some of them. And then the TV guy came over and upgraded all my stuff for “free” (that’s another post) and showed me how to work stuff. And then…something changed.

And I’m very excited for new shows this fall. Here is my Fall Lineup Five for 2011. Except it’s actually “autumn” because fall isn’t a season it’s a verb. But I digress.

Fall Lineup Top Five: Sitcoms

Robyn’s Fall Sitcom Lineup Five

Parks and Recreation. I can hardly believe I didn’t watch this show earlier. My sister had me over and insisted I watch it and right away I thought it was great. It’s The Office but better. Better! It’s set in small-town Pennsylvania where the waistlines are large but the city budgets are not. Oh my goodness those government employees have a certain lack of enthusiasm for their jobs that I can’t get enough of. Except for Leslie Knope. Her energy really makes up for the rest of them. It’s a perfect situation! For the viewer! Come on season three.

Once Upon A Time. Let’s start with a show I have no clue about. But I am intrigued and I’m a sucker for fairy tales. It’s a modern-day fairy tale. And that’s literally all I can tell about the show even though I’ve seen several ads for the show. The chick from House/How I Met Your Mother is starring, which is good cause she’s good. And I really like fantasy and fairy tales…OK now I’m just repeating myself. Moving on.

Community. About a year ago while visiting Calgary my friend introduced my husband and me to this silly show about a ridiculous community college. It took a bit to stick. Actually I think it took a second visit. And then something wonderful happened: this summer my husband and I decided to catch up and spent a week watching every available episode, webisode, and Cool Abed video. We are ready for season three. READY.

New Girl. To be honest this show looks really dumb. But I really, really like Zooey Deschanel so I’m giving it a chance. I’m happy she’s doing TV and I’m also happy she’s doing well in her career. Let’s just hope the show’s funny.

And fifth (and longest running)

The Big Bang Theory. To be honest I only started watching this show because it was on directly after How I Met Your Mother a few years back. My old favourite show. Unfortunately it’s not on the top five this year (but still in the top 10) because it got um…boring. But only a bit! I still have faith it’ll make a comeback! But we’re talking about Big Bang Theory. What a great show. It’s clever, witty, quirky, and I think the actors even have fun. Can’t wait for season five.

What shows are you looking forward to this autumn?

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I'm very excited for new shows this fall. Here is my Fall Lineup Five for 2011. Except it's actually "autumn" because fall isn't a season it's a verb.

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