Figure Skating for Beginners

Here’s a great story from a guest blogger on figure skating for beginners. Straight out of Calgary.

Figure Skating for Beginners

Howdy. I’m Celia from Kinneyland. You may already know me, and if you read Robyn’s blog you do without really knowing it. Robyn and I have known each other longer than we remember. But then later we got to know each other again, and even later we became friends. Robyn asked for guest bloggers who don’t have to love, like, or even know anything about figure skating. That’s me. I’m going to share about one of the very few run ins with figure skating I have had.

Figure skating for beginners

Last year we went to the Calgary Stampede. OK, so we went twice, and to the parade. I was a little worried we might miss it due to childbirth, but my son was born early enough to make sure he could come with us. The Stampede is basically a place for us to go eat “fair food” and watch shows. My love of going to fairs actually stems back to Robyn too, and one of the most embarrassing moments of our lives. But that’s another post for another day. One of the shows we caught last year was called ACROBATIC ICE SHOW: A ROCK ‘N ROLL FANTASY. We got there just a little early and were lucky enough to get a seat as the entire stadium was filled to the brim by the time the lights dimmed.

It was the first time I had seen professional-level figure skating live

Sure I’ve watched it on TV here and there, mainly at Olympic time, but I’m not “in” to figure skating by any means. However, by actually seeing it I realized just how much skill it takes and just how impressive it is. It definitely changed my perspective of the sport, and sort of came out of the blue.

The show even included some of the very limited number of skaters I could recognize the name of. Elvis Stojko who was big back in the day was there, and he is one of two Canadian male figure skaters I can name off the top of my head. In fact I was a little shocked that my husband didn’t know who he was; granted he doesn’t care much about figure skating and grew up in the States, so it makes sense.

Other skaters that I recognized the names of were Tessa Virture and Scott Moir. That’s because the Vancouver Olympics were only a few months earlier and they won the gold medals.

That’s about all I know about them

But they were also very entertaining. Since it was just a show, rather than a competition the skaters were able to just do the things they did well, and seemed to really have fun with it.

I found this video, which reminded me that the show also included LOUD (especially given I had my week old baby along) music, and cover/karaoke bands, cirque du soelisch acts, and lame “dancers” in costume in the audience. It was fun, and really a smart way to get people to appreciate and experience figure skating. Perhaps an odd choice at the Calgary Stampede, but sure seemed to be a big hit. They have yet to confirm if it will be back, but if so you should check it out. I will.

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Here's a great story from a guest blogger on figure skating for beginners. Straight out of Calgary.

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