How to Choose Figure Skating Blades

If you’ve ever been shopping for new figure skates you’ve struggled with how to choose figure skating blades. Because there’s a lot to consider.

How to Choose Figure Skating Blades

There are two really important elements of figure skating: the boot and the blade. If either of these elements is out of whack, you have a big problem.

If you’ve ever watched skating you’ve probably seen a skater at some point mussing about with his/her skates, either wiping off the blades or retying the boots…and you’ve probably thought “Oh s/he’s just stalling.”

Maybe. Maybe not.

If things don’t feel right in the boots, you won’t be able to fully concentrate on your elements or your skating. If your blades aren’t sharpened evenly or properly, you will not have the same degree of control executing your elements. Also, you could actually get hurt.

So mussing about or doing your full inspection before embarking on a long journey. Whatever.

How to Choose Figure Skating Blades

In the years I was especially keen on figure skating there was an “IT” blade called the MK Phantom. All the top ladies figure skaters were wearing them and I was going to too gosh darn it. And at a mere $450 it seemed like a good price…for just the blades.

This kind of blade is great for a “freestyle” skater who does double and triple jumps. The edge on the blades allows you to have greater and deeper edges so you can do all kinds of funky stuff.

But when choosing a blade, you can’t stop at choosing the brand, or even the style. No, there is so much more. You have to look at:

  • Rocker Size
  • Radius of Hollow
  • Length (size) of Blade
  • Toe Rake Design
  • Blade Type

Yes! Now do you understand why we need a post on how to choose figure skating blades?

Every element of a skate blade is customizable and if you’re a serious skater you will be very serious about making these blades exactly what you need them to be. Yeah…I haven’t skated in so long I honestly can’t recall what my preferences were. However, I do remember how weird new blades felt…and how long it took to stop tripping over myself before I could skate normally again.

Skating is all about trust. And when you are a singles skater, as I was, it’s all about trusting your blades and your boots. You work hard to find just the right combination, kind of like those wands in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. You know how there’s one for everyone and it chooses you?

Yeah, that’s just like figure skating blades. When you have the right ones it’s magic.

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If you've ever been shopping for new figure skates you've struggled with how to choose figure skating blades. Because there's a lot to consider.

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