Future Plans Best Laid (No One Knows the Future)

I love talking about future plans but now I realize I really don’t know what I’m talking about.

Future Plans

Just two days ago my future plans included a trip to Malta next summer. Two days.

And now? Here’s how my future plans are looking

You see, in the back of my mind I’ve had a plan for the last while to live with my parents until such a time I could fend for myself. And I hoped it would be soon. However. Soon never came and now it has been…two years.

Off and on. I mean, I’ve left and returned a few times to break up the insanity. Actually my parents may have been away more than I have in the past year, and at alternate times, so really it has been painless.

A part of “fending for myself” meant getting a proper, long-term job. I tried. And then I got laid off. So I went to Africa. I snowboarded for five months. I went across Canada on a bus.

And then I got another job, and it’s really working out. So much so, I have fully disclosed my knitting obsession and other eccentricities. Wow I must really trust these people.

Perhaps it’s because my co-workers encourage me so much. They ask about knitting quite a bit, and although I catch the word “fanatic” in whispered undertones every now and then, I speak freely.

After all this attention, it seemed logical to follow through when the thought crossed my mind to try to get into a craft fair before Christmas. Even though it was desperately last minute and I wasn’t prepared.

And I got in.

Tuesday afternoon I learned about a last minute cancellation and was offered a table for this coming weekend. I realized it was too good to be true so I jumped at the chance. Last night I borrowed and bought enough gear for a display stand, and did a mock set up.

Let me tell you: There is an overwhelming amount of crafts on that mock up. It’s high time I get into a craft fair.

The fair runs from Friday until Sunday so there should be a decent amount of time to hide unload my little knitting passion projects and start fresh.

Also on Tuesday, I decided to make an offer on a condo. I’ve looked at it a couple times, and it seemed different from the rest I’ve toured lately. Anyway, I found out Tuesday night the seller counter-offered, and it was exactly the price I had in my head to pay.

So I agreed.

Wednesday the papers were signed and the process towards this whole “fending for myself thing,” is rolling forward nicely. I guess now we’ll see if I really meant it.

If everything goes smoothly with this place, my possession date would be a few days before my 30th birthday. Trippy!

On a serious note, one of the best way to set goals is by using a planner. So if you are ready to plan your future out a bit, consider it!

I love talking about future plans but now I realize I really don't know what I'm talking about. Just two days ago my future plans included a trip to Malta next summer. Two days. And now? Here's how my future plans are looking...

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