Gator vs. Croc (Battle to the Death)

The question is who would win in a battle to the death, gator or croc? For some reason I find myself pulling for the alligator on this one. Weird, right?

Gator vs. Croc

I’ve already outlined the differences between gator vs. croc so now the only remaining question is who would win in a battle to the death? Alligator or crocodile?

Gator vs. Croc (Battle to the Death)

For some reason I find myself pulling for the alligator on this one. Weird, right?

Here’s the scorecard:

Gator vs. Croc (Battle to the Death)

So, by a few points the crocodile looks like it would pull through in a battle to the death. It all comes down to the bite and nature. You see, although alligators have the stronger bite, and once they connect never let go, crocodiles have razor-sharp teeth and an incredible pressure in their bite. So while a crocodile kind of goes “chomp chomp chomp,” his bite punctures and kills quickly. The alligator just hangs on until his prey gives up, or until he can drag his prey under water.

And when I say nature I mean crocodiles would probably strike first in a battle, since they’re more aggressive. So, combine first strike with “chomp chomp chomp,” and you can see why the odds are in his favour.

And to think I got through all these posts without mentioning the “death roll.” What can I say? It just never came up.

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Alligator vs. crocodile. Who would win? One of the most interesting things I learned from the epic battle between the cat and the alligator was that alligators basically only live in the southeast of the United States. I didn’t know that! The second-most interesting thing I learned was that there is one place in southern Florida where alligators and crocodiles live side by side. It wasn’t relevant before but it is now. They shouldn’t be able to live side by side because alligators stick to freshwater and crocodiles to seawater. So, what’s the dealio? BRACE YOURSELF Actually both species can live in either aquatic environment. It’s just that alligators prefer to live in freshwater and crocs to seawater.

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