I Found Dracula on Netflix!

I found Dracula on Netflix! Big news day around here.

Dracula on Netflix

It was an exciting day when I discovered the Dracula movie on Netflix. In all honesty I’ve checked for it a few times so either it was just added or I have been spelling it wrong.

I found Dracula on Netflix!

Here’s how it played out. If you look carefully at the screen shot you’ll see I was watching Bram Stoker’s Dracula on December 24. And that’s true, but it was at 1:00 a.m. December 24.

Netflix Dracula

And the reason I was up so late? Because I had a custom hand-knitted arm warmer order and was on a Christmas-day deadline. So I had to pull a near-nighter to finish.

To stay entertained while I knit like a mad person (although my description isn’t really limited to this one experience) I browsed around to see what was on. New Releases…hmm…what’s this? Vampires? Hmm…I’m awake…and it says it’s a faux-documentary. And I can always turn it off.

Here’s what I saw: Vampires by Vincent Lannoo

Netflix Vampires

Now, I know this is a different show than Dracula but it’s part of the story. I thought I could handle a light mockumenatry about a vampire family in Belgium. But once I started watching I wasn’t so sure. It was so dumb. However, I stuck with it (too lazy to find the remote) and it started getting awesome. So funny.

Like, so funny.

And when the family got exiled to Canada well, I was fully engaged.

I think they captured the French Canadian culture really well. And there’s one scene where they talk about the Quebecois French vs. Belgian French and I was practically rolling off the couch laughing.

Oh, it’s all in French. I should mention that too. English subtitles though, which is good.

So yes, this was a fake documentary about a family of vampires and a little look into every day vampire culture. I was skeptical but you know what? It was a very entertaining way to spend a couple hours in the middle of the night by myself.

Stay tuned for the rest of the story where I watch the Dracula movie.

Hey everyone, I found Dracula on Netflix! But then I watched Vampires instead for some reason and it was amazing.

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