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I’m talking about moose meetings today. If you read my last post about mooseing it up you are well prepared for this one. If you didn’t, whatever. No big deal. You’ll catch up.

Moose Meetings

Moose Meetings

I told you about the Moose Travel Network WEST. What I didn’t mention was Moose Travel Network EAST. This is something I couldn’t get over, even though I spoke with the network’s sales and marketing rep Eric Rupert…twice. Twice!

Here’s a quick history. The Moose Travel Network was once a Canada-wide mini bus service. Now it is two different (yet affiliated) companies: west and east. So, you can go from Vancouver-Banff on the west, then you are encouraged to fly to Toronto and pick up the eastern tour from there.

This is, and I’m basically quoting here, “Although there are lots of Canadian reasons to stop through the Prairies, for tourists there aren’t a whole lot.”

Righteous indignation aside, the man has a point.

The hop on hop off mini bus adventure tour is a really great way to see a country with loads of hidden gems. Of course, you have to remember the eastern tours aren’t so laid back. In true eastern Canadian style, all tours are scheduled. Translation: stick to the timeline to get your money’s worth. And a ride home.

Here’s the pitch

If you’re on a Moose bus you have a Canadian guide and a fun, energetic atmosphere. We know the lay of the land and stop at interesting spots, Provincial parks, and glaciers. We get right out there and show you what you wouldn’t be able to figure out on your own or what you wouldn’t get to see with a charter tour service.

If you’re on the Moose bus with max 23 people, you know you’re like-minded—all searching for the same kind of experience. You will meet a lot of people and make friends.

We have five confirmed marriages attributed to Moose Meetings.

Moose Meetings eh? Seeing as the company was launched in 1997 and now it is 2011 and there have been five meetings that means…there is a er…um…

One confirmed Moose Marriage every three years!

Moose Meetings AKA Moose MARRIAGES

Typically those Riding the Moose are in their 20s or 30s, and many are independent travellers. As well, the large majority of passengers are not Canadian. But don’t fret if you are Canadian! Rupert says their tours are unique enough Canadians wouldn’t even know the places the Moose Bus hits up.

Although his favourite tour is the Banff-Jasper with a wilderness hostel stay in the middle, Rupert suggests Canadian tourists check out the Island tour (since going to Tofino is tied with the Rocky Mountains on his Top 5 List).

“I don’t think many people know about it or really understand what Tofino’s like, or that it’s right here in our front yard,” he said. “There are beaches, perfect blue sky—you won’t think you’re in Canada on a perfect day.”

Anyway, that’s enough for one day. Tomorrow we’ll hear from a Moose passenger from Rugby England. Rugby’s birthplace!

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Moose Meetings eh? Doing some quick math I think that means there's one confirmed Moose Marriage every three years! How exciting! Travel dating service!

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