My Credit Card is in the Drawer

I put my credit card in the drawer this week. It all started when I read Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s challenge to take a weeklong credit card fast and eagerly accepted.

My Credit Card is in the Drawer

My weeklong credit card fast

At first I wondered if I’d forget about the credit card fast but it turns out it wasn’t any trouble. The day before the fast I made a teeny boo boo and paid my bill 12 hours too late. With my credit card this means I get punished for two months by paying interest on every single purchase I make. Sigh.

So, regardless of the fact I pay my bill off each and every month I’m grouped in with the other late payers.

It proves they are not interested in a partnership or relationship with me. They just want my money

It hurts to the point I’m willing to extend my fast to two months. And use it to look for a newer, less nasty credit card.

To be honest I’ve never liked the deal I have going, but I’ve always been too lazy/uninformed to bother finding a better one. Until now.

Cue the credit card fast

Now not only is my credit card in the drawer, but I’m getting used to spending cash and I like it.

Oh, and also all of my gift cards.

My attitude makes me a bit sick.

So I’m starting to pay a bit more attention to the reasons Gail is encouraging us to take our credit situation seriously.

I encourage you to take a look too. Sure, maybe my situation is a bit easier because I’ve got myself into a spot where it’s easy to stop using my card, as well as in my best interest. But I’ll bet you can find good reasons to take a good look at your situation a bit closer too. And maybe take a day or two off of the zip zip.

Points be damned!

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My credit card is in the drawer because I'm taking a weeklong credit card fast. Now not only is it in the drawer, but I'm spending cash and I like it.

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