VH Sauce, Shopping Misadventures and Kitchen Victories

I stumbled on a delicious-looking dish while searching for recipes on VH Sauce. Here’s the back story. If you’re anything like me (and I think you are), you look at your fridge and take a moment to sigh. Because everything is so BORING! It’s at this moment, which happens more than I care to admit, I go to the computer and start looking up recipes.

VH Sauce

Yellow thai curry with VH sauce

So the recipe looked tasty. Unfortunately, I had to fetch the linchpin ingredient before I could start cooking so I took a quick trip over to Walmart (I’ve seen it spelled Wal-Mart too, is this a language progression? Just curious) as it was already getting late.

Before I left I made sure my store stocked the sauces and took a quick screenshot to remind myself of what I was getting. Because I tend to forget why I go places.

This is also why I generally make a list and check it twice before going to the store. But I was embarking on a marathon cooking session and was dangerously low on sugar…so I went outside of my regular routine and set off for adventure!

Finding the sauce was easy—the VH brand covers the aisle quite completely

My only real problem was I didn’t take note of the actual sauce or recipe I was shopping for so I was overwhelmed when looking at the sauce aisle. I finally came home with two: Sweet Thai Chili and Korma. Yum! Oh, and I remembered the sugar too.

Shopping for VH sauce

How did this happen? Well I think it’s obvious. I didn’t make a list, I didn’t check it twice, and I didn’t remember I was going to get YELLOW CURRY SAUCE.

Thai chilli and korma sauce

But I still needed dinner. So I made the original recipe with the sweet chili sauce and it turned out…AMAZING! So saucy, so spicy, so tasty.

Thai chicken chili

Oh, and my original photo for this post was kind of boring so I baked up some kale chips (first time attempting—easy and tasty!) for garnish. Highly recommended.

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Finding VH sauce at the store was easy. My problem was I didn't note the sauce I was shopping for. I came home with two: Sweet Thai Chili and Korma. Yum!

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