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Something you can get away with when you sleep by yourself but not so much when you do not is the snooze button.

The Snooze Button Chronicles

It’s funny because I’ve never been a snoozer. Growing up I couldn’t figure out how to make the button work and I always slept in when I tried so I never really developed the habit. Then I lived in a series of places with roommates so also didn’t snooze. But somehow, in the last year or two, I’ve started snoozing like crazy.

I’m having crazy snooze button snoozes

I don’t actually use a snooze button (still can’t figure it out) but I learned how to set four different alarms on my cell phone at random intervals. I also would set an alarm across the room. You know, in order to force me to get up. However, it turned into something else…OK I’ll admit it. I set it to play the radio and I dozed happily to sleepytime adult contemporary. Ugh. I cannot believe I admitted that. But at least we can rest assured that kind of music puts me to sleep.

OK so I know snoozing isn’t healthy, and by doing so I’m intentionally interrupting my sleep pattern…meaning I’m doing no good to myself. Plus I’m deliberately annoying my new husband, who does not have to get up when I do. So why can’t I stop?

Well, actually I can because the other night my husband challenged me to only set one alarm and not wake him up when I got up to go running.

It was scary but I did it with only one snooze. Whew.

So I know I can do it, but I lack motivation. So how do I just plain stop snoozing?

The experts on the Internet say to do these things to avoid hitting the snooze button

  • Get an alarm clock without a snooze button (except for me this wouldn’t work because I always just set 100 different alarms…)
  • Set your alarm for a time you’ll actually be late for, that way you’ll have to JUMP out of bed in order to get anywhere on time (SCARY! I don’t want to wake up to a panic attack)
  • Force yourself to make getting out of bed a habit

That third suggestion is actually one I can connect with. I’ve heard it takes 30 days to create a new habit, so what has happened with all my snoozing is I’ve developed a habit, a penchant if you will. And the only way to break the cycle? Develop a new habit.

Sounds like a lot of work but I don’t really see how I have any other choice.

Maybe I should get my husband to offer me a great prize if I can go snoozeless for 30 days. Like a pony but for condos. Hmm…I’ll have to think about that.

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I don't actually use a snooze button (can't figure it out) but I learned how to set four different alarms on my cell phone at different intervals.

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