Pi Day Explained (Three Point One What?)

Today is Pi Day! (Don’t worry, very soon you will have pi day explained.)

Pi Day Explained

Pi Day Explained

March 14 is every true mathematician’s favourite day, just ask my sister.

I’ve been looking forward to this day since I learned about it on March 14, 2006.

I remember it like it was yesterday.

(cue flashback music)

I was sitting in my car. In the driver’s seat. In my purple, two-door, 1991 Dodge Shadow. The one I cannot sell. My sister was in the passenger seat. She was visiting me at University so we could work in the darkroom and make a mural for my brother’s wedding that summer. We had picked up a vagrant as well. More like a guitar-playing-strung-out-pot-smoking-long-haired-hippie-freak-who-also-doubled-as-my-housemate-at-the-sketchiest-house-in-Kamloops-called-Graham. He was sitting in the back seat.

We were peacefully listening to music. Then the vagrant leaned forward.

“You know, today is International Pi Day,” he said.

“I love pie!” I said excitedly at the same moment my sister chorused, “I love math!”

Naturally, I didn’t get the math bit until later. Boy was my face red!

Now I celebrate with everyone else. But I still love pie more, no offence.

And yes, there is an official website. It’s not really cool but there is a competition to win a Pi T-shirt, an opportunity to send out Pi Day e-cards, and an active discussion board with three ongoing topics.

  1. I Love Pi Because…
  2. Memorizing Digits…
  3. Quotes About Pi…

As funny as this all is, I just can’t make myself check them out.

Unfortunately, Pi Day doesn’t really work in England. This is because numerical dates are read day, month, year versus month, day and year. For Pi Day to really be witty today has to be read as the third month and the 14th day (= 3.14). Here the date reads 14.3, which not only doesn’t make Pi, but it makes math less funny than it already is.

I tried to read about Pi Day on Wikipedia but it kept making math jokes and I had to close the page before my brain malfunctioned.

So, I really didn’t celebrate Pi Day until right now. All that the people around here seem to talk about is St. Patrick’s Day, whatever that is.

You want Pi Day explained? For it to work you have to read it as the 3rd month and the 14th day (3.14). Here the date reads 14.3, which isn't as fun.

Other days of note

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