A Tip of the Hat to Hairy Anglers

I must tip my hat to the grand hairy angler fish (so scary!) and some of the most amazing animal battles and behaviours I’ve ever seen.

Hairy Anglers

If I was like most people, I would’ve watched The Blue Planet years ago. But me being me (AKA slightly behind every trend ever) I only watched last year and am currently mid-way through Planet Earth.

Here are my top three moments from The Blue Planet (yes! The hairy angler!)

  • Learning just how mean and nasty killer whales are (sorry Vancouverites, I can’t be nice about Orcas, they’re MEAN to baby whales and especially to seals)
  • Getting a front row seat for intense feeding frenzy’s. I think my favourite was marlin zipping around rounding up tuna bait balls
  • Seeing real images of the amazingly terrifying hairy angler fish, made famous by Finding Nemo (well actually Finding Nemo came out after The Blue Planet so I don’t know who made what famous)

Of all the episodes I was especially mesmerized by The Deep. It featured so many amazing creatures (and monsters) I’ve never even imagined let alone knew existed. The battles happening in the deep oceans are unlike anything else. If you haven’t seen this episode, you should make it a point to.

In the pitch black nothing of the deepest parts of the ocean species use every trick in the book to find, fool, lure, and eat enough to survive another day. It’s unlike anything I can imagine, even though I’ve seen the film. It doesn’t make any sense! Why are these animals down there? Don’t they know there’s much better feeding elsewhere? Why stick to the dangerous depths where there is no law and chaos threatens to take over each and every second?

Gives me the shivers.

The hairy angler was actually discovered while the BBC was filming this series. They found her when filming The Deep and know nearly nothing about it.

Five things we know about the hairy angler fish

  • Lives in the Dark Zone 1,000 metres below the sea’s surface
  • Has red skin but in the Dark Zone this skin makes the hairy angler invisible
  • The female is about the size of a football while the male is about the size of a ping pong ball
  • It’s covered in sensitive antennae, which can sense prey’s vibrations
  • Has an expanding stomach. This means it can eat fish larger than it (comes in handy when you don’t know when your next meal will be)

I do hope you’ve enjoyed this little lesson on deep, dark, scary fish. I tried really hard.

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The hairy angler was actually discovered while the BBC was filming this series. They found her when filming The Deep and know nearly nothing about it.

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