A Writer’s Bucket List by Dana Sitar [Review]

Although I’ve never seen the movie I know the old bucket list inside and out. I love lists, I feel victorious whenever I can check something off—check, completed!

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When I saw the title of Dana Sitar’s new book A Writer’s Bucket List (and the subtitle—99 Things to do for inspiration, education, and experience before your writing kicks the bucket) I thought, “She’s speaking my language!”

And then I wondered how many “things” I could check off the list before I got to 99.

A Writer’s Bucket List

If you’re stuck in your writing in any way, this book addresses it. Stuck for word? There are writing prompts. Lacking story ideas? Sitar suggests activities to find inspiration. Can’t figure out where to show your work? There’s an entire section on building a network. I think these tips are especially handy when you’re in a writing rut, following the same formula for everything you write. It inspires you to try something new, shake things up a bit.

Because the truth is, you will never stop becoming a better writer. I love Sitar’s challenge to discover, through trying everything, exactly what kind of writer you are.

At first I resisted the challenge—I even wrote the author saying something like “Hey, these tips aren’t deep enough; they force the reader to do all the work!” But after some reflection I have changed my position.

Page nine of A Writer’s Bucket List contains the premise and ultimate goal of this project

“The Bucket List challenges you and strengthens your creativity, encourages you to forge your own path, find your own education, and discover what type of writing life that’s Just Right for you.”

Dana Sitar

I realized if this book was a step-by-step guide to writing we’d all just become little Sitar’s. Because it doesn’t hold our hand (but instead pushes us off the cliff) we are equipped with the tools to become the best writers we can be, on our own terms.

Oh, and I have 20 to go before I can finish this bucket list.

If you’re looking for writing inspiration you’ll love this book. And when you purchase A Writer’s Bucket List you’ll take home a bunch of bonus freebies like workbooks and exercises.

Happy writing!

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Page nine of A Writer’s Bucket List by Dana Sitar contains the ultimate goal of this project, to discover what type of writing life is just right for you.

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