Are Car Boot Sales Garage Sales?

I have heard of car boot sales before, but I’ve never had the pleasure of attending one. And the more I think about it…OK so I’ve been thinking about this for a few weeks and I’m still thinking the answer is “No.” I don’t think a car boot sale is exactly like a garage sale.

Are Car Boot Sales Garage Sales

Are car boot sales the same as garage sales?

Now hear me out.

Yes a car boot sale IS like a garage sale in the sense that people sell their unwanted used goods on a random weekend in the summer.

And yes it’s true many to most people in the UK do not have garages in which to hold a garage sale so a car boot sale makes a lot more sense.

But…OK here’s the thing. I’m thinking car boot sales sound a little more like flea markets…

Well, maybe.

They usually take place in the summertime, and are almost like a festival. People are informed about the sale and come to a large location where there are many vendors, who sell goods from the back of their car.

They’re like a garage sale because they vendors aren’t the same at each sale (usually) and because vendors usually consist of people who are trying to reduce, reuse, recycle instead of throw away the stuff they don’t want.

But they’re like a flea market because they are in a large area with many vendors in a set location for a certain amount of time…

And some people sell new goods as well.

So maybe it’s a hybrid. Yes. A hybrid. Let’s call them flarage sales, lest anyone be confused in the future.

Oh, and if anyone’s wondering where the BEST car boot sales are, look no further. Thanks to Time-Out London…all the information is at your fingertips. Shop till you drop my friends.

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I have heard of car boot sales before, but I've never had the pleasure of attending one. And no I don't think a car boot sale is exactly like a garage sale.

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