What NOT to Buy at a Garage Sale

Garage sales are great and everything but there are a few things you should not buy at a garage sale.

What NOT to Buy at a Garage Sale Header

So I’ve been browsing today, looking for which items the Internet recommends for me to avoid purchasing at garage sales. And I have to say, not surprised.

What not to buy at a garage sale according to the Internet

  1. Car Seats
  2. Helmets
  3. Things you can’t try on the spot
  4. Certain electronics
  5. Anything you don’t know the fair price of
  6. Underwear

This is the worst list I’ve ever seen. Not only is it, you know, stupid, but it’s pretty much common sense.

Except for “certain electronics.” Care to expand or just leave us all wondering which electronics aren’t appropriate to purchase at garage sales?

So to compensate for the Internets obvious lack of research, here’s my list of top five things to avoid at garage sales, based on my own experience (which holds no weight whatsoever but at least I’ve been in the trenches).

Top Five What NOT to Buy’s at a Garage Sale by Robyn Roste

  1. Clothes! Go to clothing swaps instead, with your friends! Not only is it free, it’s social. PLUS you get to get rid of stuff WHILST getting NEW STUFF!
  2. As Seen on TV Crap. Not at garage sales, not ever
  3. Stuff you could make yourself but are too lazy to bother with. Just bother already!
  4. Stuff you can’t think of a use for in the next five seconds
  5. Knick knacks (my husband added this one and is quite adamant about it)

So there you have it. Consider yourself informed.

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Here's my list of top five things to not buy at garage sales, based on my own experience. I mean, I have a list from the Internet as well.

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