Borax Crystals | DIY SUCCESS!

I rushed home from work not because I needed to, but I was just so excited to see how the Borax crystals turned out!

DIY Borax Crystal Hearts

As soon as I got home I beelined for the Borax crystals. Actually, first I had some cheese bread. Then I beelined for the crystals.

Well, apart from some initial panic (the circumference of the jar top was a bit smaller than the size of the crystallized pipe cleaner), everything went really well!

I pulled the hearts out of the water concoction successfully, only losing a bit of Borax on the carpet.

My Borax crystals are a success!

Borax Crystals

I used one light pink and one dark pink pipe cleaner, hence the slightly different colours even though I didn’t use food colouring.

On Facebook, a friend noted you can also use Borax with some plain old white glue to make silly putty. WHY have I never stocked Borax in my home before!? What a genius powdery substance from China and western USA. Thank you earth, send more please.

If you want to do this project here are the instructions for Borax crystals

  • Shape pipe cleaner into whatever you want
  • Attach string to pipe cleaner and to pencil or stick, or whatever
  • Hang pipe cleaner in glass jar, or other heat resistant container. Try to keep it from touching the bottom or sides
  • Mix three tablespoons Borax to one cup boiling water in equal amounts. Dissolve (if you want coloured crystals add some food colouring)
  • Pour mixture into jar, over pipe cleaner shape. Cover pipe cleaner completely
  • Wait 24 hours

All in all this was a painless and amazing 24-hour project. Go on, try it!

Other DIY projects you can attempt and master—even if you’re not crafty. Especially if you’re not crafty.

I'm making DIY Borax crystals in the shape of hearts! For Valentine's Day I thought it would be fun to highlight a fun and easy project for anyone from 3 to 300 years old. However. It actually takes 24 hours to properly procure's not quite done yet.

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