How I Met My Husband | Back Story Time

I was thinking I’d start this month off by telling you how I met my husband. You know, some back story.

How I Met My Husband

How I Met My Husband

We met at some point in the spring and/or summer of 2009. It was hot that spring and/or summer. Too hot.

Oh yeah. I was also jobless. Bored. Moving back home with my parents. Life was not going as I thought it should for a 29-year-old. Oh, and I was single.

So, I joined a co-ed slo-pitch team. I thought, “Hey, at least I’ll meet some new people and maybe have a laugh or two.”

My husband just so happened to own the team. Or, that’s what the team told me. To my ears it seemed strange that a church league group of ragamuffins would be organized enough to have a team leader but I was the new guy and who was I to argue?

One more thing

I should also mention he wasn’t around much. You see his work takes him away from the Fraser Valley so he would only stop in periodically to catch a game or buy the team new gear. He was a kind but absent owner.

The ball season began in April but neither of us can really recall the first time we spoke. It wasn’t right away, but it probably wasn’t too late into the year either. At any rate, I liked him and he thought I was OK. I mean, he was cool. Brooding. Mysterious.

Eventually he showed me photos of his job site in Northwest Territories, and of some pretty cool sunsets. And eventually we started playing tennis outside of ball hours.

And that’s how things went for the next few months. We got to know each other slowly. We’d email sometimes, go to the same games nights sometimes, play tennis sometimes, and watch Mystery Science Theater 3000 sometimes (that’s when I knew he was a keeper).

It was probably after we started hanging out I learned he wasn’t actually team owner but just a guy who was friends with everyone on the team and would practice with us. Tricky.

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I was thinking I'd start this month off by telling you how I met my husband. You know, some back story.

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