Going to the Movies With My Husband

Going to the movies with my husband is tricky. Because we barely like any of the same films.

Going to the Movies With My Husband

Actually, I can only think of a handful we both actually enjoy (more than tolerate) and most of them are cartoons.

Here’s what going to the movies with my husband looks like

I suppose this could be a considered a point of conflict but it’s not really. We both go to movies with the other. He went to Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides with me and I went to Super 8 with him. And I think we both agreed on X-men: First Class together. However, when it’s an especially girly or violent movie we generally go out with our friends for those.

Except for this weekend. This weekend we shut ourselves in and watched a bunch of movies together. Lots I didn’t want to see. Well, OK three.

Now, these aren’t the only movies we watched and granted only one of those three was actually violent and I secretly enjoyed it a bit but still! I would have preferred these movies.

But I couldn’t bring myself to admit it. So I watched Zombieland

Now I should say this is a movie I’ve avoided seeing for quite a while. Since I heard of it actually. I have zero interest in zombies, killing zombies, zombie movies, or killing in general.

My husband bought it a while ago and every time it’s on I try to find something else to do. But then I caved! Because I’m too nice to subject my husband to Bride Wars. Yeah, that’s why.

Instead of all this compromise and stuff, I should have referred to the Ask Men Top 10 list. Yup, there’s a top 10 list of guy movies girls will like. Well, since I found it why don’t I review it. Here we go.

  1. Blow (watched half of it, too stressful)
  2. True Lies (never watched it)
  3. The Last of the Mohicans (never saw the film but I think I read the book in high school)
  4. 25th Hour (never even heard of it)
  5. The Italian Job (OK, I love this movie)
  6. Snatch (Yeah, this was a good one too)
  7. Pulp Fiction (I’ve seen it but it was a bit too raw for me)
  8. Swingers (doesn’t sound good, not really interested)
  9. Ocean’s Eleven (yup. Love this one)
  10. Kill Bill: Volume 1 (absolutely not)

Actually this list kind of sucks. Ask Men doesn’t know me at all.

Never mind, we’ll keep working on our own system. I’m sure we can do better than 3/10.

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Going to the movies with my husband. We need strategies because I can only think of a handful we both actually enjoy and most of them are cartoons.

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