Cool DIY Magnets for Under $5

For Valentine’s Day my crafty sister-in-law (who helped me make custom notebooks) gave me a Smile magnet, these cool DIY magnets are a great project!

DIY Magnets Smile

DIY magnets

I know these DIY magnets are under $5 to make because I now know the cost of scrapbook paper—and even though she used the “good” stuff (versus the “cheap” stuff I used on the notebooks) it still wasn’t more than a couple bucks. Plus the magnets she used were re-used from me! A few months ago I rescued about 1,500 magnets from the dumpster behind my work. The information on them was out-of-date so that = garbage to people but not me. I am not people. I am hoarder. So, I rescued the magnets for such a time as this.

So after some cutting, taping, and gluing, old garbage magnets can be transformed into lovely Valentine’s Day gifts! Yay!

And while we’re on the DIY magnet theme, check out these great Scrabble magnets over on Aimee’s blog. What a fantastic idea, especially if you don’t quite have all the pieces to your game anymore.

They are really fun—and good for preschoolers who are learning their letters too. If you find a scrabble game at a thrift store (ours was an extra one that we got from my grandpa) and get button magnets from a dollar store this would work great as a gift under five dollars (the theme of Robyn’s blog this month). The only trouble is, as you may know from playing scrabble, some letters have many duplicates (E!), whereas others—like “J”—come only as singles. There is a craft store by our place that sells tiles individually so we plan to pic up a few select letters there to make spelling out a variety of words more possible.

Now if only I could find some sort of purpose for the remaining 1,200 magnets in my laundry room…

For Valentine's Day my crafty sister-in-law (who helped me make custom notebooks) gave me a Smile magnet, these cool DIY magnets are a great project!

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