DIY Vases Tutorial Using Tin Cans

DIY vases are such an easy and satisfying upcycle for old soup tins and frozen juice containers. Enjoy this simple tutorial!

DIY Vases

Here is my latest project: DIY vases

They are created from collected cans, dark grey spray paint, and ribbon. Oh, and some dried and/or dying flowers.

I’m pretty happy with how they turned out and how they pull the room together (even without curtains).

Now that I’ve finished three DIY vases, and am so happy with them, I want to make more.

However, being quite attached to reality, I also know I cannot have random vases all over the house. The positive “pulling together” I’m experiencing right now will no doubt be squandered and I don’t know how I would recover from that loss.

Also, I don’t have any more ribbon. Or cans. You know how it is.

So for now, I’m going to hold off on the vases, but I have lots more ideas (good ones too) for more, should the opportunity present itself.

I probably only have time for one more project before I leave on my trip to Malta. It’s not yet decided what said project will be, but it will probably involve my five-year-old apprentice again, and something messy. That’s how I roll.

Where I keep looking to when I think of my Crafty Projects, is to a big, gaudy, mirror I traded for in order to get rid of a bookshelf. I felt the shelf didn’t fit my place yet still wanted it to go to a good home. Little did I know I needed to strike a deal in the form of a heavy, red leather encased mirror to make that dream a reality.

What I would like to do with the mirror is use it. And stencil a nice black design onto the red leather to hopefully dial it down a bit. Maybe it will work?

Tutorial for DIY vases

“Upcycling,” the process of taking waste materials and turning them into better quality products, isn’t exactly a new term, but it sure is trendy to say these days. And I’m glad. A big part of my environmental education has to do with the importance of upcycling instead of consuming a new product when possible.

Today I’m going to demonstrate a fun way to create upcycled vases from garbage.

What you need for DIY vases

  • Empty cylinders such as soup cans, juice canisters, etc.
  • Spray paint
  • Scraps of ribbon
  • Dried flowers or other decorations

What you do

  • Wash and dry all containers
  • Spray paint containers allow to dry completely (according to directions on spray paint, approximately 12 hours)
  • Decorate as desired

When you first look at empty soup cans, scraps of ribbon, and old, dried out flowers it doesn’t seem like much. But with a little spray paint, trash is suddenly upcycled into something you can both admire and brag about. This project inspires me to look with new eyes at what other perfectly usable items I’m overlooking. I’m sure I have a long way to go!

I first wrote and published this post on Used Everywhere. See it here: DIY upcycled vases.

Other awesome DIY tutorials

DIY vases are such an easy and satisfying upcycle for old soup tins and frozen juice containers. Enjoy this simple tutorial.

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